Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lick by Kylie Scott- Review

Lick (Stage Dive, #1)Lick by Kylie Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Whooo!!! This one kept me reading until there was no more left to read. There really should be a warning on books like these so that you don't start reading them on a work night.

Evelyn wakes up on a bathroom floor in a hotel room in LasVegas the morning after her 21st birthday to find that she has married a rock star. A very famous, very hot rock star. She remembers nothing, he is very angry, and things move pretty fast from there.

Evelyn is an honest and hard-working student from Portland who works, goes to school, and is ready to live out the future that her parents have planned for her. She hasn't really dated much, thanks to an awful first sexual experience, and waking up married to a very sexy famous person doesn't make a lot of sense to her.

David Ferris is completely pissed off and hurt that Evelyn remembers nothing of what to him was a very special evening. After returning from Vegas to find the media camped out all over the homes of Evelyn and her parents, itching to catch a glimpse of this person that has managed to snag the elusive David Ferris, Evelyn is escorted to LA by David's security to hide out a bit and get an annulment from David. Things start out a little rough, but after spending some time together, Evelyn realizes that in addition to being ridiculously attracted to David, their getting together actually makes a little bit of sense. They get to know each other as they explore their intense sexual attraction, and decide to make a go of their impulsive marriage.

As you might guess- drama, angst, betrayal, and the like ensue as David and Evelyn move from hiding out in his private home back to reality. They are torn apart and have to struggle to see whether the intense feelings they share can bring them together somehow.

I loved how open and honest Evelyn was. It was nice to see someone saying what they thought and felt regardless of the consequences. Evelyn was very sweet and kind, but she had a backbone and wasn't afraid to stand up for herself or others in need. David obviously had some issues, but also pleasantly surprised me with his openness and attempt to get his life on track and develop the relationship they both deserve. The sex was fantastic, and I was really hoping the whole time that things would work for them.

The story line was a little predictable, but it really doesn't matter. It hooked me fast and didn't let up. The characters felt fresh and I enjoyed all of it. I will definitely read more by this author- and hopefully there will be more in this series.

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