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Chasing Jenna by Micki Fredricks- Blog Tour and Review

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Title: Chasing Jenna
Author: Micki Fredricks
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: November 27, 2014



Twenty year old Jenna Clausen has one chance to change her life… and she's going to take it.
Leaving the darkness of her life two hundred miles behind her, Jenna arrives at the one place that could save her…college. Pushing her fears aside while gathering all of her courage, she steps out into her new life, and right into the sights of Cale Davis. Cale is part of the most elite house on campus simply called, The Brotherhood. It’s an exclusive house with one rule for membership, either you are born into The Brotherhood or you’re not. Cale makes it a priority to get what he wants…and he wants Jenna. He sets a plan into motion to make Jenna his. There is however, one flaw to Cale’s plan, Ryan Kitson. Also a fellow Brother in the House, he is a Cale-approved study partner for Jenna. But when her feelings for Ryan start to grow, Jenna has another decision to make….one she couldn't possibly have understood the dangers of. She suddenly finds herself engulfed by a lifestyle so dark and twisted she can’t find a way out. On the run and unsure who to trust, she spirals deeper and deeper into her nightmare. Jenna struggles to put all the pieces together until it finally becomes clear… The decision she made to save her life, might actually be the one that ends it. **This book is a Romantic Suspense for mature audiences, 18+ due to dark topics with references to both sexual and violent situations.*

My Review

Chasing JennaChasing Jenna by Micki Fredricks
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Jenna is at college after a life of struggling financially and living through abuse at the hands of her mother's boyfriends. She has worked her whole life and gone through two years of community college and is now finally living the real college life. On her first day she meets Cale Davis who is a wealthy boy and a member of an elite organization called The Brotherhood. Jenna is very attracted to Cale, and he seems to be effected by her as well. Cale ends up making Jenna an offer that could change her life, and while she is concerned that it is too good to be true, she can't pass it up. Things start to get complicated, especially when she starts developing feelings for her friend Ryan, another member of The Brotherhood who has been her friend and study partner. Soon everything becomes confusing, including who Jenna can trust.

This story engaged me pretty quickly, and held my interest throughout. I definitely knew that something was going to happen, but I didn't know what. I don't want to talk mud about the story line, because I think going in blind is best with this book. Jenna was a character that was easy to like and connect to. After learning about her life before she college, I was really hoping that she would be able to find some freedom and happiness. My main disappointment with the book is that I would have liked a little more of everything. More character development, and definitely more story. I think there were so many interesting components to this story and I would love to know more about all of it. Things definitely took a dark turn, and I was kept guessing about who could be trusted and who couldn't. Overall, I enjoyed this book and would read more by this author in the future.

*An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review

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“Yes?” I asked, trying to encourage him to speak. He stopped and turned toward me, running his hand over his face while a frustrated growl escaped his mouth. “Awkwardness doesn’t suite you.” I teased as I pushed on his hard chest just enough to make him sway. “What do you want to say?” He smiled and looked away, obviously trying to choose his words. When his eyes returned to mine, his expression turned serious. “I’m really sorry about Saturday night.” Oh shit. I almost choked on my own tongue; or maybe I had unknowingly swallowed a tennis ball because that’s what it felt like. Was he really going to talk about this? Right here? Now? I might die if this conversation continued. I looked anywhere but directly at him, hoping to develop a quick escape plan – maybe fake a heart attack. He continued, even though I internally begged him to be quiet. “I really didn’t have any intentions of trying anything … out of line.” He sighed nervously, it was adorable. My insides instantly softened. This magnificent man was standing in front of me, offering something I’m sure, he rarely offered to anyone, an apology. I tilted my head and smiled, recognizing in this moment, a small-town girl that stood a good eight inches shorter than him, might have a little power over Cale Davis, once again. “Really?” I linked my arm around his and started walking. “You mean you didn’t intend to sweep into my life like Prince Charming with the intention of stealing my purity?” He bumped me with his elbow, leaned in and whispered into my ear, “I said that wasn’t my intention, but once I got there and saw you in those sexy sweatpants, well, every guy has his limits.” He was teasing, his voice low and sensual making my whole body tingle. I glanced up at his lips–remembering how soft they were and quickly looked back down. Power shifted back to the rightful owner.    

About The Author

If they’d known about ADHD when I was little, my Ritalin dosage would’ve been OFF THE CHARTS!! It goes without saying; I spent A LOT of time by myself after the teacher moved my desk out into the hallway. ** Silver lining** With all that alone time on my hands, I used my imagination to make the world interesting. When I was little, people said I had an "active imagination". In elementary school, teachers called me a "daydreamer". My high school counselor said I needed to “learn how to focus" and my college professors warned me to "buckle down". Before I knew it, it was time to “grow up”. So that’s what I did. I grew up, got married and had five kids. I work as a full time nurse, active in my church, part of the most amazing book club, blog about books with my best friend and cart small humans to school, football, theater, dance ect. Oh yeah...and write a bit when I can and now people say I’m "talented". Moral of my story: Hug your kids, embrace their differences… love them for who they are. Someday, the traits you think are struggles now…Might be what makes them the happiest! Micki lives in small town Iowa with her husband, kids and a fat Cocker Spaniel named Joey. She is the author of Winds of Darkness, released in February of 2013 and Chasing Jenna, to be released Thanksgiving Day, 2014.  


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