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Run Away by Laura Salters- Book Promo

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Title:  Run Away
Author:  Laura Salters
Genre: New Adult Mystery Thriller
Release Date:  May 19, 2015
Publisher:  HarperCollins
Imprint: WitnessImpulse Standalone
List Price: 1.99 USD
ISBN 9780062403582 Goodreads
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"Ignorance is bliss...until there’s blood involved."

Drenched in blood and sitting in the sweltering interview room of a Thai police station, Kayla Finch knows that Sam, the love of her life, is dead. It doesn’t matter that there’s no body.All that blood can only mean one thing.
It isn’t the first time Kayla’s had blood on her hands. After finding her brother dead by his own hand, she tried to outrun her grief by escaping to Thailand. Heart-broken, the last thing she expected was to find love on the smoggy streets of Bangkok. But everyone Kayla loves seems to wind up dead.

Returning home to England, Kayla is left with a barely-functioning family, a string of gruesome nightmares and the niggling feeling that nothing is as it seems. And as she confronts her brother’s suicide, she starts to suspect that something is very wrong.

Three months. Two tragedies. One connection: there’s more to both cases than anyone is willing to admit. And Kayla’s determined to uncover the truth ...no matter what the cost.

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About the Author

Laura    Laura Salters is a twenty-something magazine journalist from the northernmost town in England. RUN AWAY is her first novel.

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