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Exposure by Iris Blaire- Review

Exposure (East Park #1)Exposure by Iris Blaire
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Evan is a serious science student who gets excellent grades, and is studying hard to get into the grad school of her dreams. Rylan is a sexy bombshell who poses for an extremely popular underground campus erotic magazine (East Park Exposed). Also- Rylan is Evan- and being Rylan is how Evan can pay for her schooling. She does a careful job of making sure no one (aside from her bff and the photographer of East Park Exposed) knows who she really is. Then Britian (the bff photographer) decides to spice things up and increase the magazine's circulation by adding a couple hot male models to the mix. She hires Dallas, who is very hot, and who is a grad student in the science department. Dallas discovers Rylan is Evan because now he knows "both" of them in different capacities. Their photo shoots are incredibly hot and successful, and their sexual chemistry is intense. Evan/Rylan and Dallas struggle to maintain their "professional boundaries" and Evan's anonymity in the face of their growing friendship and success. Plus Dallas has a girlfriend.

Whoooo!!! This book has the perfect amount of nearly everything, angst, tension, romance, sexy stuff, conflict. I think the best part of it is that I really love the main characters. Evan is smart and dedicated to her schooling, and she is a total no-nonsense gal. She has worked hard to get herself set up in a way that will allow her to take care of herself financially and still meet her academic goals. She's pragmatic, and does what she needs to do in order to keep her top priorities met. Essentially she has to give up any sort of sex or romantic life and even friendships outside of Britian, and Delilah because she doesn't want people knowing that Evan and Rylan are the same person. She doesn't get along with the other models because she doesn't really care about any of it. She's good at it, and it makes her the money she needs. When Dallas comes on the scene, she is completely conflicted because she hasn't been attracted to anyone the way she is attracted to him in a long time. The problem is that she became attracted to him as the grad student lecturing in her class. Now he's the new model she is going to be posing erotically with.

Dallas is just fantastic in pretty much every way. He's totally hot, completely smart, and is doing the modeling gig because his girlfriend submitted his application in the hopes that he could make some money for them while he's in school. He is attracted to Rylan, but even more attracted to Evan. They are both serious students and as they study together and spend time together they experience a growing friendship that goes right along with their growing sexual attraction as they "work together".

I like that both Evan and Dallas take it seriously that he is in a relationship, even as that became challenging. It was great to see a story where once the two main characters are attracted to one another, the other person in the relationship doesn't have to become a villain. This felt a lot more realistic, and the way his relationship with Tricia was described and handled felt like something real and relatable. I think that is one of the things I liked best about this story. The authentic feel of everything despite what sounds like an unlikely and far-fetched situation.

The pacing is great. The sexy stuff is HOT. Overall- I enjoyed nearly everything about this book. There were a couple aspects of the story I would have liked a little more developed. However, for a shorter story (151 pages) this author really does a great job of filling that length in a substantial way. Get ready to read straight through when you pick this one up. Then get ready to re-read some parts. I just found out there will be a next in the series, and it isn't even a question whether I will pick that one up. I'm already in waiting mode.

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