Wednesday, January 21, 2015

#AskIon - Social Media Party with Cole McCade (A Second Chance at Paris).

"I like my private life to stay private."
Infamous last words from Ion Blackwell, the hero of A Second Chance at Paris - and we're going to make him eat those words on Thursday. From 4pm to 8pm Central U.S. Time on January 22nd, Poor Ion will be compelled to answer any question you ask...primarily because Cole's making him. There will be snarling. There may even be blushing, if you can push that arrogant charmer far enough. But more than anything there'll be raw, unfettered honesty, and a peek into whatever dirty details about Ion that you want to know.
Just tweet @IonBlackwell with the hashtag #AskIon, and at the end of the chat Cole McCade will pick a winner at random to receive a signed paperback copy of A Second Chance at Paris.

So...just how deep do you want to get with Ion?

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