Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Revenge of the Wronged by Hettie Ivers- Cover Reveal

Revenge of the Wronged: Werelock Evolution Book 3 by Hettie Ivers

Date of Publication: October 11, 2016

Oracles foretold that the ascension of the next vessel would unleash enough discord and controversy to incite a vicious fued between the strongest of the werelock species - but that it would be the untimely death of a guilty innocent caught between two rival packs that ultimately sparekd a great war between those opposing factions.
An unforgivable sacrifice - destined to unearth a wrath so black as to obliterate light. Ushering forth the war of the century, the rise of a blind warrior, and the dawn of a decade without light.
In a game of survival amid conniving, bloodthirsty supernatural opponents, it's the player no saw coming who will change all the rules...

About Hettie Ivers

Hettie Ivers engages in legal battles by day and smut storytelling by night.
Hettie favors stories in which realistic, relatable characters must navigate fantastical, larger-than-life circumstances. She's a sucker for sexy antiheroes, underdogs, and flawed protagonists, and she enjoys fresh spins on classic tropes with a sprinkling of satire.

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