Thursday, August 4, 2016

Say When by Amy Vanessa Miller- Cover Reveal

Title: Say When
Series: Markson Grove #2
Author: Amy Vanessa Miller
Release Date: Aug 16, 2016

Every single part of me is his and every single part of him is mine.
But we’re broken...
Emilia Davenport and Oliver Paxton have always had a unique kind of love. It blossomed during childhood and has only grown stronger through the years. They thought they were indestructible, so they promised each other forever.
When someone they trust rips their world apart unexpectedly, both Emmy and Ollie desperately attempt to salvage what’s left of their once unwavering love. What remains is nothing like it used to be – it’s dark and hateful and broken beyond repair.
A new start at Hudson University is exactly what they need, but new friendships prove to hinder rather than fix. Forever just might not be a part of their equation anymore.
Maybe love isn’t enough.
Maybe it never was.
**May be read as a standalone**

“I love her, you know. I hate her…but I love her.”
“But you hurt her,” I point out.
“She hurts me too. All the time.”
“Do you think that’s okay? How you two are with each other?”
He frowns. “No.”
“So, why do you do it?”
“She slept with him…and I can’t forgive her.”
“Why do you stay with her, then?”
“Because she’s mine…and I’m hers… and we said forever.”

Amy Vanessa Miller resides in a small and cozy town in the most northern region of New Brunswick, Canada, where cold and snow takes over for nearly eight months of the year. She is married to a loving and supportive man whom she’d be lost without; they have one handsome son together.
When she isn’t being mom and wife, or working at her day job, Amy can be found either curled up on the couch with a good book, writing imaginary characters for others to fall in love with, or binge watching television shows on Netflix.
Say When is her second published novel.

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