Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hope Against Hope by Honey Palomino- Cover Reveal


  Cover Reveal Title: Hope Against Hope (The Hope Brothers Series)
  Author: Honey Palomino

  Release: July 15, 2015



  CAN HOPE BURN BRIGHTER THAN THE FIRES OF DESTRUCTION? One mistake - just one small mistake. Who could have known it would cause so much damage? The Hope family have always had each other. When tragedy strikes, the Hope siblings are forced to band together in their darkest moment, to protect what’s left of their family farm. But when the dark, mysterious, and dangerously sexy Beau Haggard comes knocking, the Hope brothers must face what they've always feared... Beau Haggard is a rival. Beau Haggard is a danger. Beau Haggard is related to the prime suspect in the suspicious fires being set all over town. Still, Beau Haggard is the only thing that their only sister, Georgia, wants above all else. Will the sparks flying between Beau and Georgia destroy the only thing the Hope’s have left - each other?



 WORD LOVER. READER. WRITER. I've spent a lifetime tearing through any book I could get my hands on. Romance, thrillers, suspense...I've devoured it all. I strive to keep my books full of all the twists, turns, and excitement that I love so dearly. If you have questions, or feedback, you can reach me at HoneyPalomino@gmail.com. Happy reading!


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