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Player by Joanna Blake- Release Blitz


Release Blitz Title: PLAYER
  Author: Joanna Blake
  Genre: Contemporary Romance
  Release: July 1, 2015
  Cover Credits:
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JOCK, SPORT, MEATHEAD, PLAYER. I hate them all. Especially this one. He's rude, he's crude and he thinks he is God's gift to women.
James Fitzpatrick might have started out on the wrong side of the tracks, but his skills on the football field have brought him fame and glory. Now he's forgotten where he came from.Hell, he's even forgotten me, the snot nosed brat from next door. So much so that he hits on me when he comes in to eat at the barbecue place I work at to pay my way through school. But the jokes on him when I turn him down in front of all his meathead buddies. No one has ever turned down James. There's a reason he's got a rep as being talented on and off the forty yard line. And now he's determined to make me pay with a pound of flesh. Thing is, I've got some moves he hasn't seen yet. It's going to be a long, hot season. PLAYER is a stand alone book with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating!


"What can I get you?" I smiled charmingly at the waitress. I'd been watching her since we sat down. She'd taken her sweet ass time getting over here. Those long legs of hers had basically fucking strolled across the room. Almost like she was being dragged over. She hadn't even glanced our way as she tended to all her other tables. I noticed she hadn't bothered to introduce herself either. None of that chirpy waitress talk that I was used to. Zero feminine wiles. But damn, if she didn't look good. Grouchy, but good. Really, really good. I smiled at her, hoping to cut to the chase. "Hi sweetheart. What's your name?" She stared at me, a look of incredulity on her face. Then slowly, in the most condescending way possible, she lifted her finger and poked her chest. Right on her fucking name tag. Nadine. I almost laughed. She was being such a bitch, It was like she didn't want our money. But she was going to get it anyway. A really, really big tip. My tip, if I had anything to say about it. I leaned back, letting my eyes slide down her body while everyone else ordered. By the time she turned to me, I'd leisurely inspected every inch of her. Twice. She knew it too, judging from the red blush staining her cheeks. The glare I was getting would have deterred a lesser man. But I liked challenges. Hell, I fucking lived for them. And this one had a sweet ass reward at the end. I handed her my menu, making sure our fingers touched. She froze as tingles shot up my arm. And that was just from our fingers touching. I couldn't wait to see what happened when we bumped nasties.




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Joanna Blake loves good old fashioned romance, men who open doors and work with their hands. Hot Blooded Heroes is a series of sizzling stories about True Blue American men and the women who love them. She's thrilled to be collaborating with Pincushion Press on her new series! Come along for the ride! XoX, Joanna

 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Joanna-Blake/682610571843087?fref=ts https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8280814.Joanna_Blake https://twitter.com/JBromancenovels http://jbromancenovels.tumblr.com/ https://tinyletter.com/JoannaBlake

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