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The Affair by Giana Darling- Blog Tour and Review!

The Affair

The Affair by Giana Darling
Blog Tour
2/15 - 2/19


Is a week of passion enough to warrant changing their lives forever? 
Italian born Giselle Moore is reinventing herself for the second time in her short twenty-four years of life, trading in her bohemian artist’s life in Paris for the grit and glamour of New York City where the family she hasn’t seen in years awaits her. But before beginning her new life, she travels to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico searching for a week of relaxation and reprieve before barreling into her turbulent future.
She never expected to meet the handsome and enigmatic Frenchman Sinclair on the plane and she certainly never would have imagined herself accepting his proposal for a weeklong, no-strings-attached affair. Giselle has never experienced anything as heady as Sinclair’s controlled seduction and cool yet devastatingly erotic commands and she finds herself powerless to stop the ferocity of their passions, even when she discovers he has a partner back home. The last thing she needs in her life is another complication, yet as the week wears on, she finds it surprisingly easy to relinquish control to Sinclair, a man she knows nearly nothing about. And to her horror, the one thing she promised never to submit, her battered heart, is just as easily captured in the business mogul’s unyielding hands.


The Affair (The Evolution of Sin Trilogy, #1)
The Affair by Giana Darling
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Giselle is leaving Paris, where she has spent the past years living and working as an artist. She is about to join her family in New York, but takes a week long trip to Cabo San Lucas for a relaxing week before starting her new life and reuniting with her siblings. On the plane she encounters a mysterious attractive man who helps her in a time of anxiety. She meets him again at the resort, and their attraction to one another is strong. Elle has opened herself up to the possibility of a casual sexual relationship, she is reluctant to accept the offer of a week long affair with Sinclair. She realizes quickly that she will get attached, and he is clear about his intention to return to his life and significant other as soon as the vacation ends. As the week progresses, it becomes clear that Sinclair is having an experience that could easily alter his life as well.

Elle was a character that I was interested in from the start. The information we do know about her is limited, but the more we learn, the more I want to know her and her story. Sinclair is a character who also becomes more intriguing the more we learn. The dynamic clouding a lot of this story involves the significant other of Sinclair. It definitely makes the connection between Elle and Sinclair tougher to enjoy, knowing that there is a betrayal involved and someone who would be hurt by their affair in another country. I have a couple suspicions, that I was hoping to find out more about in this book, but alas, I shall have to wait for the next installment. I enjoyed the complex emotions that this book brought up and I really want to know more about everyone and everything. I will eagerly anticipate reading more.

*An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review


Giana Darling is a Canadian romance and urban fantasy novelist currently writing a romance series entitled The Evolution of Sin and a Frankenstein inspired vampire urban fantasy novel, The Bloodletting. After living in the French Alps, Paris and various places on both coasts of Mexico, she lives in the gorgeous city of Vancouver, British Columbia with her best friend and a cat named Persephone. When she isn’t writing, she hosts dinner parties, travels extensively and reads like it is going out of style.

Giana can be reached by:
Email: gianadarling [at] gmail.com
Twitter: @gianadarling

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