Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bold Tricks (The Artists Trilogy #3) by Karina Halle- Review!

Bold Tricks (The Artists Trilogy, #3)Bold Tricks by Karina Halle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bold Tricks picks up right where Shooting Scars leaves off. Ellie, Camden and Javier are are traveling together in an incredibly uneasy alliance. Eliie and Camden are on a mission to save Gus, and no one is clear what Javier's real motives or goals are, but his knowledge and connections are the only things that will get them where they need to be. Trust is a luxury none of them can afford, and just like in the previous books in this trilogy there are a lot of twists, turns, and revelations.

I struggled a little during the first book to connect with Ellie, but I was pretty much right there with her by the end, and after reading On Every Street I felt like I had filled in any gaps I needed to in order to connect with her all the way. Camden, on the other hand, I was with since the beginning and I stayed Team Camden throughout. He is a stunning character who just seems to get better and better the more you get to know him. Oh yeah, and he is wicked hot. Ellie and Camden together are just incendiary. The connection they shared as awkward and broken teenagers just makes the amazing adults they have blossomed into more spectacular, and their relationship deeper. Javier is bit of an enigma, and it was definitely a challenge for me to fully decide what my feelings about him were or whether I ever had him figured out.

This book has tons of action right from the start, and the tension and drama stays high throughout. By the end, we have most of the pieces we need to complete the puzzles in the story. I loved this trilogy, and this book was a magnificent conclusion. Karina Halle is an author that I will continue to seek out based on how much I've enjoyed these books. The characters and story lines were very unique and complex. If you have read others in this series, you will not need a recommendation to get you to read this final installment. You will already have procured a copy.

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