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Twisted Luck by Julie Solorio- Blog Tour and Review!

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Title: Twisted Luck (Run of Luck, #1)
Author: Julie Solorio
Publication Date: July 24, 2014




I’m Kaitlyn. 

In my life, rarely are there dull moments. I seem to land myself in these…situations a lot. I am 25, and in college (yes, still!). I have just met the most gorgeous guy, Cole, in my math class. The only problem is that he is a little guarded. Just when I start to make progress with him, my crazy elderly neighbor Marge disappears after visiting some questionable dating sites. Who the hell has even heard of bootycall.com?!

Anyway, since my best friend and roommate Hailey and I have kind of adopted Marge, we join forces with her grandson Matt to help find her. Cole even decides to join in the hunt! Along the way, we cross paths with Ben - a creeper who might also be really dangerous.

Will I be able to keep us safe and out of trouble, find Marge, and land the guy? Or will my Twisted Luck screw everything up?

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My Review:
Twisted Luck (Run of Luck, #1)Twisted Luck by Julie Solorio
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Kaitlyn is a 25 year old college student. She is a little removed from college life since she is an older student. She lives with her best friend Hailey, and has the hots for Cole, a fellow student and study group member from her math class. Her downstairs neighbor is an elderly woman named Marge who Kaitlyn and Hailey have grown close to as they help her navigate modern electronics and other things. It seems that Cole and Hailey are finally going to start spending some real time together when Marge goes missing, and Kaitlyn realizes that Cole is hiding some pretty big secrets.

If you are a fan of author Tara Sivec, or other authors who can combine reality and ridiculous situations in ways that are highly entertaining, you will likely enjoy this book. The story is charming, funny, sexy, dangerous, and serious at times. Kaitlyn has a tendency to embarrass herself in a variety of ways that makes it easy to like and connect with her. Even though it takes us a while to get to know Cole, once we do, he is an easy guy to root for. There isn't a lot of development of some of the peripheral characters, but I think that is where this series will have room to expand and grow. The sex scenes aren't explicit, but it is easy to feel the heat and strong chemistry between Kaitlyn and Cole. This was an enjoyable read, and I wouldn't hesitate to continue with this series. 3.5 stars.

*An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.


About the Author
I am a mother, a wife, a substitute teacher and now a writer! I love to read and write. I discovered the world of indie books about a year and a half ago. Since then I have read over 200 books. I got in to following book blogs for recommendations and found Love Between The Sheets. They were looking for reviewers so I applied and I've been writing for those wonderful ladies since. I started my own book, Twisted Luck, somewhere along the way and I'm so excited to publish it later this year!!


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