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Beyond Bliss by Delia Foster- Book Review


Sweet Sophie Harlow hasn't had sex in almost two years...

Before she turns thirty, she's determined to end her dry spell.

Sexy Lucas Sinclair finds himself in a bar sitting right next to Sophie and her best friend as they strategize on how to get Sophie back in the proverbial saddle. Unable to stop listening to their hysterical conversation, when he sees the face and body that belongs to Sophie's voice, he makes plans to help an unknowing Sophie along on her quest.

He pursues her with everything at his disposal, but when she realizes exactly what she’s dealing with, Sophie is determined to be the one woman he doesn't get. Already experienced in relationships with wealthy egomaniacs, she wants nothing to do with his type.

When he invades her space, she's helpless to resist the chemistry between them.
Will Lucas destroy her heart, or will he be her bliss?

My Review

Beyond Bliss (The Sinclairs Book 1)Beyond Bliss by Delia Foster
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sophie is going through a dry spell after ending her engagement the day of her wedding. She doesn't want a relationship, but she'd like to add some good sex back into her life. Lucas overhears Sophie talking with her best friend at a bar about her dilemma and he decides he is the perfect person to help her out.

Sophie and Lucas have wonderful chemistry, and despite the bit of deception on Lucas's end, I really did hope that they would be able to make things work. Lucas definitely went off the rails a little bit when he hired Sophie to work for him. I didn't like the way he put her in a tough position and then didn't treat her well because of his own struggle with his feelings. There is a small reveal towards the end that I didn't feel was completely necessary as part of the story. I thought the challenges that the characters faced up until that point were sufficient. Sophie is a very likable character and it was easy to root for her. Even with Lucas's sometimes bad choices, I did really enjoy him as well, and ultimately wanted the best for both of them. Sophie's best friend was a hoot and I enjoyed their dynamic. This was a quick and enjoyable read, and I would read more by this author in the future.

* An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review

“Do you remember what happened to me the last time I took your advice?” Sophie demanded heatedly. “No, absolutely not. Keep it to yourself.”
“You’re going about this all wrong,” her friend continued, ignoring her. “You can work this to your advantage.”
Liz shook her head and smiled wickedly. “My love, it benefits you because you have the chance for revenge.”
"While he's making your life miserable, you can turn his into a living hell. Remember, you have the vagina. It is mysterious and magical and has goddess-like qualities. You think it was really Helen of Troy's face that launched a thousand ships? That might had been a small part of it, but I guarantee you that what was between her legs launched entire fleets. You have the power, you just need to learn how to use it wisely."
Sophie gave her a dour look. "He is not getting my vagina—again," she amended at Liz's incredulous hoot.
"Sophie, my child, you are not listening to me. You don't give it, that's the whole point. You tempt and then giveth not. Guaranteed to drive him nuts. You might as well try to have fun with this."
Liz's insane words slowly sank in. She looked at her friend thoughtfully. "You know what? I'm probably going to regret this, but you may be onto something. Where do we start?"

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Author Bio

Delia Foster fell in love with love after discovering her mother's old Harlequin novels in the garage--at the tender age of twelve. Her hobbies include writing, reading, copious amounts of wine, and a serious addiction to handbags (it's bad). She lives in Texas with her family and two fur babies.

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