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In Plain Sight by Senayda Pierre- Book Tour and Review


“Hide in plain sight. Grandfather’s mantra is forever ingrained in me.” Sahalie is the last of her lineage, bearing supernatural abilities gifted by the Spirits. She knows that in order to unlock her full potential she needs to find her mate. Yet in order to protect herself Sahalie knows she cannot reveal her secret abilities nor share her lineage with anyone but her true mate. She feels an instant and an undeniable connection with Yuma. Her Spirit Animal, a sassy little red fox is also drawn to the man’s Spirit Animal, a powerful tiger. The problem? Yuma is the son of an Elder. An Elder’s son means Yuma is neck-deep in community politics and drama. And she wants none of that. While Sahalie tries to avoid Yuma, the pull of true mates is evident and soon they find themselves unable to stay apart. “What is it about you Sahalie?” I voice the question that’s haunted me since I first locked gazes with her. Yuma has a very difficult decision to make… Will he follow his heart and Spirit Animal’s wishes and claim Sahalie as his true mate or will he uphold his duty to the communities and follow through with an arranged mating? Yuma’s life-altering decision will affect everyone… not just him and Sahalie but the future of all their communities.

My Review:

In Plain SightIn Plain Sight by Senayda Pierre
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Sahalie is the last of her lineage, and has special abilities that are not known to everyone in her community. She has been working hard to understand the best way to help her own community and others like it regain their talents and abilities and prosper once again. She meets Yuma, the son of a powerful Elder, and while they realize quickly that they have a connection to each other that is strong and indicates that they are each the true mate of the other, politics and traditions make it difficult for them to be together.

I struggled initially with this story because I felt like I was being told what was going on without being shown. Like someone was telling me what the story was about rather than telling me the story. I did find myself engaging with the story, characters, and the world they live in before too long and did become invested in Sahalie and Yuma and their struggles. Sahalie is an easy character to like and I was really hoping that she would find the happiness she deserved. Yuma was a little tougher for me because while I understood his challenges and what he was up against, I felt frustrated with some of his decisions. I found the second half of the story much more engaging than the first. I think overall, I would have liked a little more of everything in terms of character and story development. As I came to understand more about this species and their communities, I really wanted to know more and spend more time with everyone involved. 3.5 stars.

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“I don’t envy you” Misae rubs his hands over his face. The moment my life fell apart he stopped looking for his mate. He doesn’t want anything like this to happen to him. He wants to ensure to do things right. Unlike me. We quietly stare at the moon. It’s an important night for the community. Couples are announcing new matings while others are completing the fertility ritual. I want no part in either of those things. Father and the other Elders can be upset with me but I no longer care enough to do as they say. Father took away my future, my little piece of heaven. “What’s that?” Misae asks as Wind swirls around us. It’s the first time the Element has interacted with me. The trees straighten. Flowers bloom in the dark. Every living thing is reacting to whatever it is that Wind carries with it. But then we hear it. I hear the very thing I’ve longed for in weeks. Her voice… Sahalie’s voice floats with the breeze. Her lyrical voice sweeps through the trees making them shudder with joy. It embraces and ensnares me. I can barely make out the lyrics but it doesn’t matter. For the first time since she left my heart beats rapidly in my chest. My throat closes with emotion. The numbness evaporates, only to be replaced with longing and reverence. She’s out there somewhere singing to someone. Fat tears slide down my face. Once upon a time she used to sing to me, for me. A sob escapes before I can stop it. I sob uncontrollably as her heartbreaking voice seeps into me. “Please” I gasp uncaring that Misae is present to see me falling apart. “Please don’t let Sahalie find someone else. Help me right this wrong.” I plead to the Spirits. Misae presses his palms into his eyes willing the tears to go away. He’s never seen me so broken and its affecting him too. Words fail us in this moment. No one can promise that everything’s going to be okay because it’s impossible to know that. I don’t wish for Sahalie to remain alone but I can’t fathom her being with someone else either.


  About the Author
Sen profile Senayda Pierre is a native Floridian who’s always had a passion for music, sports, reading and writing. She currently lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband and three beautiful daughters. Senayda is an identical twin. That’s right, sometimes people give her a second glance wondering if she’s the person they know! She’s never seen snow… Swears she’ll live in Hawaii someday… And she intends to travel the world… Senayda’s had a long love affair with reading and writing. She loved to write short stories and poetry throughout her childhood. Now Senayda’s moved onto novels.

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  How did you come up with the idea for this story?
 I enjoy reading genres of all kinds. I’m a fan of paranormal as much as I’m a fan of erotica. I wanted to write something in the fantasy/paranormal genre that wasn’t your typical shape shifter/paranormal stories. The seed for this idea came from reading various novels with skin walkers, shape shifters, and Spirit Animals. My original outline had the story going in a completely different direction but as I wrote Sahalie and Yuma’s story, I allowed it to unfold as it was meant to be….

  Does music play any type of role in your writing?
 Music plays a vital role while I’m actually writing. I will literally listen to a song on repeat until I finish writing out a particular scene or chapter. Words flow through me freely while I listen to music. Complete silence drives me bonkers. Music is life. Life is music. In Plain Sight has a song list, as do many of my other novels. The difference is that I tend to incorporate music, particularly songs, into my stories. My Irresistible Series incorporates songs into scenes. The girls of the Irresistible Series perform numbers, many times erotic, for the patrons of Club Scandalous. Regardless of whatever story readers delve into, they’ll find that I tend to communicate messages or emotions through my song selections. I always include a song list at the end of my novels and provide a Playlist via YouTube with each novel.

  What is for you the perfect book hero?
 The perfect book hero for me is someone mentally strong… Someone who grows as a person throughout their journey… I’m not one stuck on physical characteristics and I don’t care for overly predictable heroes. I’ll easily take the unsung hero versus the knight in shining armor. I cheer just as loudly for the quiet, mild-mannered heroine as I do for the bold and brash one. Give me someone tenacious, adaptable, loyal, and genuine and they’ll win me over every time!


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