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Bikini Quartet Boxed Set by Lyla Dune- Cover Reveals

Bikini Quartet Boxed Set by Lyla Dune

Hot and Hilarious with Heart perfectly describes this collection.
These first four books in Lyla Dune's Pleasure Island series are chock-full of humor that will make you laugh so hard it should count as aerobic exercise. The sex scenes are scorching, and the tenderness plucks at your heartstrings.

The Bikini Quartet boxed set features four musicians who've formed an all girl jazz ensemble and the sexy heroes who love them. The male leads are strong, kind, and skilled in the bedroom. There's an ex-rugby player from Wales with a delicious British accent, SEAL turned bounty hunter who kicks serious ass when it's needed, ladies man with a heart of gold who turns heads but only has eyes for one young lady, and a cool LA movie director who is intelligent and utra-perceptive about what his woman needs. The female leads are smart, talented, down-to-earth, and capable of standing on their own, even though their men sweep them off their feet. Each love story is unique with a plot that is both fresh and a complete blast to read.

Throughout this series, a strong emphasis is placed on the importance of friendship and family amidst a cast of lovable and zany characters who inhabit Pleasure Island, an island known for its ostrich farm and senior citizen nudist colony called Bare Point. There's so much fun happening on this island just off the coast of North Carolina, you'll wish you could live there with tiny, feisty Myrtle and the gang.
If you enjoy contemporary romance with plenty of sizzle and giggle, you can't go wrong with any of the four full-length novels in Bikini Quartet. All of the books in the Pleasure Island series are stand-alones with no cliffhangers and can be read out of order.

Includes: Low Tide Bikini,Rip Tide Bikini,High Tide Bikini,and Even Tide Bikini

About Lyla Dune

Lyla Dune never read romance much, until she discovered Jill Shalvis' Lucky Harbor series. Since that day - she's been hooked. She quit teaching music to stay home and take care of her ill father, and while spending lots of hours homebound - she set to writing books of love and humor, the complete opposite of what she'd written in the past (serious, dark, depressing fare.) Oh, and she dyed her hair blonde to remind herself to lighten up - life's short.
She lives on the coast of North Carolina like her characters, and yes, she lived near an ostrich ranch at one time and heard rumors there was a senior citizen nudist colony on an island nearby (life's inspiration for her naughty naked seniors).
She has a website - one day, she'll figure out how to bedazzle that sucker, but for now - it's home - LylaDune.com

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