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Through the Looking Glass by Zeya Marsh- Virtual Book Tour

Through the Looking Glass: Zeya's Forbidden Erotic Webcam Adventures
By Zeya Marsh
Genre: Erotic Fiction

Book Description

Meet Zeya, a beautiful woman who gave private sex shows to anyone on the internet for $2.99 a minute. She was a top professional cam model, working in an exclusive, high-class studio in Romania. She thought she had it made. Life was good, and she was making a lot of money. She learned how to make men fall in love with her. Little did she know, she was playing with fire.

Before becoming a cam model, Zeya barely had enough money to survive; the rent was late, she hadn't eaten in days, and life was looking pretty grim. In desperation, she pulled together enough change to take the bus, one way, to a cam studio in Bucharest. She wasn't sure what it was, but she knew she needed money, and needed it now, and they were hiring pretty women and paying top dollar.

The studio took one look at her and hired her on the spot. The next day she found herself on display on the internet, fulfilling the sexual fantasies of men from all over the world. Within a few months, she had become an expert at teasing men, showing them just enough to get them to push that button for a private sex show.  She learned how to turn on men, keep them interested, hook them in and make them want her more than life itself. She was a sex goddess, fulfilling the fantasies of hundreds of men. She had them all wrapped around her finger, and they would do anything for her.

Life was perfect. She was happy.

Until two of her clients fell in love with her, and her perfect life quickly unraveled. It all spun out of control as her two lovers fought to make her theirs.

The result became her worst, and deadly, nightmare.

My Review
Zeya is a successful web-cam sex worker.  She has been through a lot and her life isn't what she thought it would be, but she feels good about her success in the industry at this point.  Zeya is put in a position where she is in danger and has to survive yet more serious obstacles.  
I felt bad about what Zeya had to go through, but she seemed to be in a position where she could accept the turns her life had taken and was accepting of her career and the way she had come to support herself.  I think the author does a good job of getting the point across about the desperation and coercion involved in people ending up in this profession.  Especially when girls first decide to "apply" for the job without fully realizing what they will be doing and then having to sort of work their way into accepting it.  There were incidents of violence and fear described that were tough to read.  
I found the dialogue to be pretty choppy and much of the time I felt like I was being told rather than shown what was happening.  I would have liked to hear the story in a way that engaged me a little more as a reader.  I also would have liked the characters to have been a little more developed.  I felt like I was being told things that were happening or had happened, but didn't really get to feel what was happening or connect with the main character.  

Author Bio
Zeya Marsh is an only child, born in a suburb of Bucharest, Romania. Times were hard - this was just after the overthrow of a brutal dictatorship - and her parents had to work from dawn to dusk. Zeya's mother taught her the importance of education and demanded that Zeya make something of herself. 
Her dream was to become a veterinarian, so Zeya was admitted to the University and moved into an apartment near the school. She became desperate for money, but in Romania there are more people than jobs, so Zeya had a difficult time making ends meet. Finally, with her last dollar, she took the bus to a high-class sex cam studio, and to her surprise, was not only granted a job but was given a loan to pay her rent and get some food.

After a couple of months, Zeya became one of the top models in the studio, was able to buy a new car, pay her rent, and even get a few luxuries.  She learned how to tease men all over the world, giving them their fantasies for $2.99 a minute.
Some of her members - men who bought private shows - suggested she write a novel to give people an idea of what life is like for a cam model in a Romania sex studio. That's how this book was born. Zeya has since moved on from the studio, found a boyfriend and is pursuing her dream of getting married, raising a family, and opening her own veterinary practice in Bucharest.

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