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FAcade by Kim Carmichael- Available for Pre-Order



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Facade By Kim Carmichael


The world is nothing but one big façade. You have to be special to see the behind the mask.
Erik Renevant once lived in the spotlight. As lead singer for the wildly successful group, Specter the world revered him. When an accident destroyed his band and his face, he chose to live his life in the darkness, hiding away from the shadows of his former self and refusing to be seen again.
Christine Day longs to have her chance in the spotlight. Living her life flitting from one thing to the other and currently without a permanent residence, she sees her big break in becoming the backup singer for an unknown band and entering the Stage of Stars, the latest hit reality competition.
When Christine wanders into Erik’s perfectly controlled world and he hears her voice, he knows she is destined for super stardom. However, he never dreamed she would be the one to help him shatter his own façade and lead him into the light.
Façade is inspired by the beloved story of the Phantom of the Opera and is a combination of all the different incarnations.


“Ah.” For all the times they’d been together, he made sure to set the pace, keep control, never allowed her hands to wander. Whether he wanted to or not, he knew he couldn’t always keep her at bay.
“Relax, Erik.” She trailed light, but sexy, kisses along the exposed side of his face, and he tried not to flinch.
When at last she kissed down his neck and chest, he allowed himself the luxury of closing his eyes. He relaxed, simply taking in the way every one of her actions heightened his arousal and stoked his desire, but when she got down on her knees and took him into her mouth, he nearly lost it then and there. “Christine!”
After his accident, he never ever thought he would be close to this position ever again. Christine was magic, everything he could ever want. For the first time since the night that took everything from him, he could honestly say that with the woman before him, he might have reclaimed some of what he lost. He tangled his hand in her hair, relishing in everything she gave him willingly.
With the way she sucked and slid her tongue over him as if she were taking in a great delicacy, he throbbed as she took him closer and closer to that one moment everyone craved. Before he went over the edge, he had to have her. “Christine, wait.”
As if knowing what he needed, she reached into his pocket, pulled out a condom, tore it open with her teeth and sheathed him before crawling on top of him once more.
Without even giving him time to think, she lowered herself upon him and he was then treated to the most magnificent performance that ever graced his theatre in the form of her making love to him.
Warm, wet and ready she encompassed him, braced her hands on his chest and rode him. She alternated between a slow grind, and raising and lowering her body down upon him.
Every time their bodies met he was pushed closer and closer to his climax. The combination of her little coos and pants, her speeding up with her own needs and watching her breasts bounce as she propelled herself on him drove him quickly to his end. He needed to release, explode within her in ecstasy and he reached between them, offering her some extra stimulation to bring her with him.

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