Thursday, June 2, 2016

Against the Wall by Tracy Burke- Book Blitz

Title: Against the Wall
Series: Fuckboy Series #1
Genre: Erotica
Author: Tracy Burke
Release Date: May 19, 2016

Wanted - Fuckboy. Full-time hours, daily pay, 60/40 cut, you keep all tips. Must be appealing to the eye, have a body to die for, and be open minded to new adventures. Call 555-FUCK to get started today!
Down on his luck and hard up for cash, Colton Pierce answers an ad for a job as a fuckboy.
What's a fuckboy you ask?
Colton's about to find out.
Warning: This book is EROTICA, with M/F/M, M/M and M/F relationships, and it's extremely hot!

Kitten walked around him, tracing a red welt down his back that had been caused by her whip. “Are you ready, little boy? Kitten is going to ride you like an animal.”
He groaned and nodded, knowing not to say anything. He was ready to come. He needed to come so fucking badly that he was sick with the need he felt.
“Tell me,” she demanded. “Tell me to fuck your ass like an animal.”
Colton paused because the idea of just blurting those words out embarrassed him.
When he hesitated she reached out quickly and slapped his face, sending his head flying to one side. “I said tell me you want me to fuck your ass like an animal,” she bellowed as she took his face in her hands and forced him to look up at her.
“Say it!” she demanded.
Colton wet his dry lips, his voice hoarse when he spoke. “I want you to...” He trailed off and coughed, trying to clear his throat. It felt raw after having the ball gag in for so long, but he didn’t want her to think he was ignoring her so he swallowed a few times to lubricate and tried again. “I want you to fuck my ass like an animal, Mistress.”
She clapped her hands and looked over at Daddy, getting giddy by the words he used. “Daddy, did you hear him call me Mistress? Did you, huh? Huh?”
“I heard him, Kitten. Go on and finish up,” he said, motioning over to Colton, prompting her to focus.
Kitten nodded, then walked out of his line of sight, disappearing somewhere behind him. He grew a bit nervous when he heard her fiddling with something he couldn’t see. He didn’t know if it was better with or without the mask on. At least with it on he could drown in darkness and be oblivious about what was really going on. He couldn’t tell when she was about to do something evil until she actually did it. But he kept his mouth shut, working his jaw as the tension eased up.
“Are you ready to be fucked, little boy?” Kitten walked around in front of him, showing him her strap-on cock.
“Uhh…” His eyes widened as they rested on the huge dildo protruding from her tiny body and he shifted uncomfortably, unsure about whether he wanted to do this now. Moments ago he had been ready to do anything and everything she wanted him to just to be allowed to come. Now, not so much. Maybe he didn’t need to come that badly. He could wait until he got home, he thought as his attention pulled to the ball gag Daddy picked up off the floor.
“Not another word, boy,” he warned.
Colton snapped his mouth shut, not wanting Daddy to put the gag back in place. It had hurt too much and the ache in his jaw from the three and a half hours he had already worn it was still coursing through him.
“Are you ready to be fucked?” Kitten’s voice rumbled from behind him as her hand came down across the cheek of his ass.

My name is Tracy Burke. I live in Canton, Ohio. Not because I want to. Just because life works out that way. I’m 38 years old but I feel like I’m 50. Don’t we all? I am a multi-genre author… you’ll see lots of different things from me. Besides writing, I also enjoy art and music. I love to read, play video games, and go for midnight dessert runs.
I have four kids. One boy (17) and three girls (16, 14, & 9). I’ve always wanted more children but to be honest, my youngest broke me. My mental status took a dive with her and it has never recovered. HAHA!
I’m an animal lover and I try to do what I can to support any animal cause that I come across. I have two cats (Rosey and KiKi), two dogs (Mocha Jean and Paisley Mae – the dumbest dog on the planet), a hamster named Squid (WTF!), and a revolving door of Betta and Goldfish.
Anyways, enough rambling from me. Check out my website for the longer version of this bio. Write me a fan mail or a hate hater mail, either way I’ll answer it when I have time. Check out my books, tell me what you think, and don’t forget to post a review.
I look forward to hearing from all of you!

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