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Misfit by Kathryn Kelly- Release Blitz


Release Blitz
Series: Death Dwellers MC: Book 6
Author: Kathryn Kelly
Release Date: August 23, 2016



Ophelia Donovan wants to move past the loves of her life, two badass bikers in her brother’s MC. When she gave Cash “Ghost” McCall and Louis “Stretch” King, an ultimatum of bringing their relationship out in the open or she’d walk, they chose separation. It crushed Ophelia’s dreams of having a happily-ever-after and family with Ghost and Stretch. Stretch lives with guilt and pain from the death of his former lover and the injuries he received the same night. For a while, Cash and Stretch worked fine. They’d agreed to choose a woman together to bring into their relationship. Instead, Cash brought Outlaw’s sister in, intending to use her as a shield for Cash’s growing feelings for both Stretch and Fee. The dissolution of their relationship because of Fee’s goading leaves Stretch angry with both of his lovers. Ghost doesn’t do relationships. He doesn’t have the confidence in himself that he’s equipped for something meaningful. He only knows he loves both Stretch and Ophelia. She wants kids, a house with him and Stretch, and, most of all, an open relationship with them, so open she expects Ghost to go to her brother—his club’s president—and confess all. Even if he did do commitment, he wouldn’t be alive to see it through. Outlaw would kill Ghost, especially after already warning him away. Thanks to Cash’s outrageous plan to throw Outlaw off, he raises the man’s suspicions instead. Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell knows Ghost is about fun and fucking. He’s in charge of the Bobs, those women trotted out for pleasure at special club occasions. Outlaw’s little sister wants a family and he refuses to allow her to waste her years on a man who’ll walk away in the end. Outlaw’s life has been quiet recently, with every known club threat removed, giving him plenty of time to focus on family. A biker from a rival club uses Ophelia to get on Outlaw’s good side, leaving her gravely injured, Outlaw in jail, Stretch admitting how important both she and Cash are to him, and Cash determined to never deny his love again.
Warning: Not suitable for anyone under 18. Contains excessive swearing, graphic sex between MMF, taboo subjects, and…Kendall at her finest.

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“Daphne, fuck, don’t fucking do this. You’re wrong about Meggie and Fee is caught up in this.” Folding her arms, Daphne scowled. Cash cursed his stupidity. She’d have no sympathy for Fee. “That fucking matters to me how?” “Whatever you believe about Meggie, what has Fee ever done to you?” “Other than get you?” “Don’t say that bullshit! Ophelia doesn’t have me. Outlaw has barred me from having anything to do with her.” “That didn’t stop you, did it? So she has you.” Thinking of this weekend, Cash knew Daphne was right. Something had changed between all three of them. A new dynamic that Cash had to fight. “Fee doesn’t deserve to have her brother turn against her because you want money and Kendall wants a fucking job.” Instead of responding, Daphne leaned back and peeped at him through her lashes, roaming her hands down his back. “Why are we arguing?” Her touch added to his pain and he grimaced, jerking away. “Why are we arguing? Why don’t I just blow you the fuck away and save Outlaw the trouble?” Daphne tensed, fear sliding into her face. “You’d kill me for helping Kendall take a page from your book? Granted, she’s been paying me to fuck with Meggie, here and there. But she’s using your diversionary tactics. Your games gave Kendall this idea.” The woman twisted anything to benefit herself. “Let me guess,” Cash said tightly. “You told her what I did?” “Naturally.” Kendall wanted seven days. He’d been furious that Fee’d allowed herself to be blackmailed, but Cash understood the position she’d found herself in. He could kill Daphne, but they rarely killed women. While he was concerned about Meggie, his main priority was Fee. Any action on his part might give Kendall unnecessary ammunition. Outlaw casting Fee aside due to poor judgment would devastate her. Sick to his stomach, he got to his feet. He’d been so fucking arrogant and disrespectful. Now, the shit was coming back to bite him in the ass. The next seven days would be unbearable but he had no one to blame but himself. He couldn’t even blame Kendall. His antics left him with two choices: Confess all to spare Outlaw drama with Meggie, and forfeit his own life, not to mention Stretch’s, Kendall’s, and Daphne’s, while also ruining Fee’s relationship with her brother. Or, allow it all to go down, knowing Meggie had already gotten upset over Daphne.
Whichever he decided, he hoped he came out alive after his bad judgment started a chain of bullshit that spiraled out-of-control.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJomSju-HPI?


 In Kat's head, she's the ultimate biker babe. In reality, she is an ordinary, everyday person who loves scotch, reading, writing, and football.  

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