Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Midnight Attraction by A.J. Simpson- Release Event



Aaronica Badensous is a criminal who runs guns and drugs. He needs to be in control.
He hates women.
Nikator (Nicci) Osiris is a successful Banking Executive.
He is looking for a man who will give him the rough love he craves.
When they meet in a gay club in Athens at midnight, their attraction is instant.
When Nicci accepts the invitation to go home with Aaron, he doesn’t realize how good his life is about to become. Following a night of spanking, sex, pain and pleasure, Aaron makes Nicci an offer too good to refuse.
Will Nicci give up everything to be with a man who he’s only just met? A man he knows nothing about, but a man who can provide him with the sexual variety he craves. A man who has proven there is such a thing as love at first sight.

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Aaron perused the man standing in front of him. He was not tall, probably a good six inches shorter than his own six feet five inches. He had an unruly mop of black hair and a dark five o’clock shadow. His body was not that of an athlete but was toned, he appeared fit. What captured Aaron’s attention, and sent waves of desire to his cock, were the man’s eyes. Small but piercing, jet black like pure onyx. He was drawn to them as if they were magnets. “Aaron.” He placed his glass on the bar and extended his hand. They shook. Firm grasp for a gay man. “My first time.” Nicci climbed onto the stool next to him. “Alone?” “Yes, you?” “Yes. New to the area or coming out?” “No, lived here for a while. Tried women, didn’t work. Found I like men better. Nicci laughed before sipping his drink. He had noticed the stranger the moment he’d entered the club. He was a tall man, dark hair, a few years younger than him. Mid-twenties, he guessed. He’d decided to sidle up to the bar and check him out instead of sitting at his usual table. He was pleased he had. The man was beauty personified with a strong, square jaw and smoky gray eyes. His voice was rich, like sweet honey, as it flowed over him. I don’t stand a chance. “Never bothered with females myself. I like a strong man who can take charge. I need someone to direct me, make me submit to their will.” Why am I telling him this? Aaron sat up straighter. He was becoming more and more interested in this man. He needed to be in charge, loved to experiment and had been stifled by women who wanted only vanilla sex. Could this be the man who could take what he wanted to give? “Dance?” Nicci extended his hand. “Love to.” Aaron grasped his hand and slid from the stool. Excitement swirled in the pit of his stomach. His cock stirred. They strode to the wooden dance floor in the center of the room and Aaron pulled Nicci into his arms. The shorter man rested his head on Aaron’s chest as they swayed to the soft notes of Strangers in The Night by Frank Sinatra. It seemed so appropriate.

About the Author

ALSimpson I have always loved to write and have a vivid and overactive imagination. In my spare time, when I’m not writing, I love to walk, read and shop. I believe no mountain is too hard to climb, no river is too wide to span and no journey is too difficult to complete. I follow my dreams and I urge and encourage others to do the same. With a positive attitude, the impossible can become possible. f08a5-facebook2576f-goodreadsbe29c-amazon94dde-website

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