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First Sight by Deborah Ann- Free!

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Title: First Sight : The Deal Prequel
Series: The Deal Series
Author: Deborah Ann



~ Before there was The Deal, there was the meeting ~
A successful Graphic Designer, who’s sworn off men. A high power Divorce Attorney, with a steadfast belief against commitment and monogamy. And the flight to Toronto that changed it all… ‘First Sight’ ~ The Deal Prequel Their connection is evident upon first sight... The electricity and pull there from the first moment... But Adam Blaire is everything Bethany Drake is sworn against… A wealthy playboy who disarmingly flits from one shattered female heart to the next, leaving a trail of women in his wake. He also happens to be the hottest, damn sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on. But she can’t risk her heart again… not with her inexplicable knack for always choosing the wrong men. Gorgeous and wildly sexy Adam Blaire is the most sought after divorce attorney in Beverly Hills, and wholly against commitment and monogamy; why should a man settle for just one woman when there are so many beautiful women, just waiting, begging for pleasure? But there’s something about the woman seated beside him on his flight to Toronto. Something different. Something that draws him in, and grabs hold. He has to have her! And he’s not waiting till they hit land… Or taking no for an answer! Bethany can’t fight it, the attraction to this man; the way he touches her, and looks at her… Against her better judgement, and the risk of yet another heartbreak, she throws caution to the wind to indulge in a night of pleasure with the sinfully sexy Adam Blaire. After all, it’s only one night. In a completely different country. She’ll never see the man again. What’s the harm? Learn the details of Adam and Bethany's meeting, the intimate elements of their sexy mid-air doings, and the passionate, lust-filled night that led to their deal... ‘First Sight’ The Deal Prequel Where Bethany and Adam’s story began. ~ * ~ **Warning ~ This book is intended for readers age 18 and above. ~ Follow up 'First Sight' The Deal Prequel with 'The Deal' ~ Adam & Bethany's full story! ~ Here's what reviewers have said about Adam & Bethany in The Deal' ~



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~ Deborah Ann lives in Northern California with her husband and their two children, where she has enjoyed a long career in the Beauty Industry. After years of reading with her children and passing on a love for books, Deborah was inspired to write The Destiny Series. What started out in the beginning, as a celebration of a loving, young, innocent friendship and the affecting separation after a move, spun into a mythical journey of the loving binds of friendship, deep family ties, and an intoxicating fairy tale romance, with the power of love that knows no bounds. ‘Memory Betrayal’& ‘The Deal’ followed, with a leap from young adult romance to adult romance. And while it can be a balancing act at times, Deborah sneaks in as much time as she can to slip into the lives of her characters, and the magical world in which they live...  

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