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Unexpected (Unexpected #1) by Amity Cross- Release Blitz!

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Title: Unexpected (Unexpected #1)
Author: Amity Cross
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: February 1, 2014
Blair is looking for an escape.
West is looking for a connection. One down and out woman. One isolated rock star. Life at the top is lonely, but so is life at the bottom. Blair is just looking for someone to take the edge off her crappy life. Dull the pain, breathe a little life into her neglected body. A chance meeting at a bar leads to a night of passion. No names, no personal details. Just sex. Well, it wasn't personal until she sees the guy standing on a stage ten meters in front of her. How the hell didn't she realize that the guy who blew her mind is the guitarist out of that dirty rock'n'roll band, Affliction? And why is he chasing her down the street? And how does he know her name? Sometimes you find the things you didn't even know you were looking for in the most unexpected places.  
My Review:
Unexpected (Unexpected, #1)Unexpected by Amity Cross
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Blaire is pretty unhappy in her life and in an attempt to protect herself from the pain of any relationship ending, she doesn't have any. She has one night stands to fill her sexual needs, but has no other support system to speak of. She goes out to find a sexual partner for the night and ends up with a "Dark and Dangerous" hottie who turns out to be amazing in the sack. They don't exchange names (at her insistence), and she leaves in the morning while he is sleeping. West is a rock star who is lonely and sick of the emptiness of the sex and drugs lifestyle he has been living. He wants to connect with someone else very badly. At a concert, Blaire realizes that her one night stand is the lead singer and guitarist of a band she likes a lot. And he wants more than a night with her.

I found the concept of this story interesting, but the execution a little choppy. It is a short story, but a lot happens during that time and as a result, we are told more than we are shown. It is clear that Blaire and West have a lot of sexual chemistry, but the deeper "connection" they share is just told to us (primarily by West) and a little harder for the reader to understand. I liked that Blaire was crass and rough. She never pretended to be something she wasn't, and I found that refreshing. It is clear that her life is filled with unhappiness, and it was nice to see some good things go her way. West is working through a lot himself, and despite him making a lot of impulsive decisions, it is easy to want things to work out for him.
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About the Author
Amity Cross isn't my real name. That's no secret. I didn't want my Mum and my workplace to find out I wrote about doodles and tongue-in-cheek sexual innuendo. I live in a leafy suburb of Melbourne writing about screwed up relationships and kick ass female leads that don't take s**t lying down. Insert more pretentious c**p here.

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