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A Stone's Throw by Alida Winternheimer- Virtual Book Tour

Title: A Stone's Throw
Author: Alida Winternheimer
Genre: General Fiction--Women's

Book Description

Simona Casale is a Minneapolis painter with a successful career. Having never known her mother, the last thing she wants is a baby, and being at a pivotal moment on her artistic path, it's a bad time to find out she's pregnant. Gemma Ledbetter, a London homemaker, is desperate for the baby she can't have.

Simona and Gemma live an ocean apart and never meet, yet they have much in common: art, longing, and a magic that changes both of their lives. And then there is Peter, the man they love. Magic—like any great act of creation—comes at a price...and one of them will have to pay.

Art. Love. Magic

My Review:
A Stone's ThrowA Stone's Throw by Alida Winternheimer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Simona is a painter in Minneapolis who has found out she is pregnant after a brief but passionate affair. Gemma is a housewife in England who is struggling with depression after multiple miscarriages. Both are women trying to make sense of their lives and decide what they need to be fulfilled. Both are also in love with the same man. Mysticism and art are two other links that bind these two women and entwine their stories in ways neither could have predicted.

This story was engaging from the start and is very unique. Watching both women experience love, loss, happiness, and change was an emotional experience. I felt it was easy to connect with both women even though it was not always easy. There are parts of the story that are messy and challenging, and make each seem all the more human even as unbelievable things are happening in their lives. Peter was difficult for me to like. I found a lot of his choices and the way he chose to deal with situations (or not deal with them) frustrating. At times he seemed weak and selfish, and others loving and wonderful. I think that added an element of realism to the story as well since humans regularly don't make perfect decisions. It's been a while since I've read a story with elements of magic that felt so grown-up and real. I would read more by this author in the future.

*An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review

Author Info
Alida Winternheimer is an award-winning author of A Stone's Throw and the forthcoming The Skoghall Mystery Series. In 2013, two of Alida’s stories were nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Water~Stone Review nominated “The Herd,” and Storm Cellar Quarterly nominated “Wild Animal,” which you can read here. Alida’s stories have also appeared in Midwestern Gothic, Melusine (read that story here), Confluence, and other journals. She lives in Minneapolis, MN with her family. When she's not writing, editing, or teaching, she trains a service dog. Find her at www.alidawinternheimer.com.

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