Sunday, April 27, 2014

Divine Vices by Melissa Parkin- Review


Danger seldom leaves its victims unscathed in the ways of seduction, and this lesson is one that sixteen-year-old Cassie Foster now knows all too well.

Nine months following the traumatic accident that claimed the life of her mother and sister, this high school junior has at last found a fresh start in the quiet town of New Haven, Maine. In the company of her best friends, Ian and Gwen, she’s bracing the usual turmoil of adolescence and taking all in stride…until the new transfer student, Jackson Matthews, comes walking into her life. He’s arrogant, sarcastic, roguish, devastatingly sexy, and the very last thing Cassie wants to entertain. But when circumstances drive these two together, she finds herself a bit too close for comfort as their bond intensifies. Plagued by unexplainable events, a sudden string of disappearances, and even a cult-related murder, Cassie begins to fear for her life. Is it all just a coincidence that these happenings began when this Casanova strolled into town, or has she in fact fallen for a real lady-killer, or worse?

My Review:
Divine Vices (Divine Vices, #1)Divine Vices by Melissa Parkin
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Cassie is a junior in high school who lost her mother and sister in a tragic accident nearly a year ago. She and her father now live in a town in New Hampshire and are trying to move forward with their lives. Cassie is a good student and has a couple close friends, but really doesn't give much time to thought to socializing or dating. A new student named Jack transfers to her school, and simultaneously aggravates and attracts her. She knows that getting involved with a hot bad boy can only end with her hurt, so she tries hard to keep him away. That effort becomes more challenging and simultaneously a lot of terrifying and mysterious things start happening in surrounding cities and to Cassie herself.

This book is easy to get hooked into. From the start, Cassie and her friends are characters that are relatable and enjoyable. They are all very different from one another, but the support they provide to each other is clear. Jack is definitely mysterious, but he is also intriguing and interesting. I like how Cassie is honest with him and how they engage one another in arguments that have some substance. It is hard to know who to trust, and what is really going on for a good while. We don't find out much with regard to specifics of characters and events until close to the end if this book, but some information is revealed and some new mysteries and challenges are presented. This is an interesting YA read, and I look forward to continuing with the series.

* An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review

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