Monday, November 17, 2014

Emily: Sex and Sensibility by Sandra Marton- an Audiobook Review


Emily Wilde has led a privileged life. Now, she's determined to succeed on her own. Marco Santini has worked his way up from poverty to great wealth. He's not interested in permanent relationships. She's not interested in being a man's pampered mistress. Becoming Marco's assistant seems to suit them both... until one night in Paris, when the passion smoldering between them turns to flame.

My Review:

Emily comes from a wealthy family with some incredibly successful siblings.  She is out of college and is trying to make a name for herself on her own.  Because of her well-known family she is finding it impossible to make her way in the world independently.  Emily drops her last name and is living the life she can entirely on her own.  She is struggling to make ends meet, and is experiencing one disaster after another when she meets Marco Santini, who attempts to rescue her from being stranded in a storm.

Marco came from nothing and has built himself into an incredibly successful business man.  He has been hurt in the past, and is not interested in any real relationship with any woman.  He and Emily are very attracted to one another, but both believe it would be a mistake to get involved.  Fighting their attraction is easier said that done.  Especially when they enter into a business relationship that is helping both of them significantly in different ways.

Emily was an easy character to care about even though her behavior could be frustrating at times.  Marco is a sexy man and watching him struggle as he becomes vulnerable for the first time in a long time was endearing.  The physical chemistry between Emily and Marco is pretty intense. There is definitely some flowery language going on here, and some very fairy tale-like elements to this story.  That said, I stayed engaged throughout and was really hoping that these characters would be able to work through their struggles and find happiness.  I am very interested in learning more about the members of the Wilde family, and would gladly read more by this author in the future.

The narrator does a great job of voicing Emily.  She has a great Texas twang that really brings life to Emily.  At times her Marco accent turns a little more Dracula than Italian ex-pat, but overall I found it easy to imagine these characters through her narration.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good romance with a classic feel and a nice steam factor.

Narration/Overall: 3.5 Stars/4 Stars

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