Sunday, July 12, 2015

Always and Forever (Serenity Point #2) by Harper Bentley- Review!


Does wanting to slap the hell out of Brody Kelly make me a bad person? How about setting his hair on fire? 

No, I'm not a psycho.

Yes, I AM angry.

See, a year ago, my sweet and sexy firefighter boyfriend and I broke up over something extremely ridiculous. We'd been together since we were sophomores in high school, but that was the end of that. Almost twelve years of that, mind you.

The looks he gives me tell me he still wants me. Our latest encounter has me thinking he's trying to win me back.

But I'm not willing to give in so easily.

I don't know why he used our argument as an excuse to break up, but I'm going to find out. I've lived in Serenity Point all my life and have connections and I’m not afraid to use them to get to the bottom of things.

What I am afraid of is finding something I won’t be able to handle.

He used to call me his Always and Forever. 

But the secrets he’s keeping might tear us apart for good.

My Review: 

Always and Forever (Serenity Point, #2)Always and Forever by Harper Bentley
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Piper and Brody were each other's first loves, and were happily together for twelve years. Suddenly Brody breaks up with Piper for no identifiable reason. It's been a rough year for Piper who has been dealing with a lot of grief, anger, and confusion since the break up. Brody suddenly bids a large amount to win Piper for a day in a local charity auction. While Piper would love to understand what happened in their relationship, she needs to know all the secrets that have been kept from her.

Piper is an easy character to relate to and enjoy. She is fun, and is living the life she wants. It is difficult to see how much pain she has been through and continues to experience, and how there are a few people who seem to know more than she does about the end of her relationship with Brody. Brody was a tougher character for me to care about. He hurt Piper a lot, and even though he was making some pretty strong efforts to put their relationship back together, it was difficult to know what to think without all the information. Once I had a better sense of who both characters were and how they were together I was really hoping they would be able to make things work. They obviously have chemistry and I love the humor they both bring to the relationship.

There was definitely some pretty crazy stuff going on here, which went in directions I didn't expect. Overall, I did enjoy the story and stay engaged throughout. I would read more by this author in the future. 3.5 stars

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