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With Whom We Spend our Lives by K.S. Thomas- Release Blitz

With Whom We Spend Our Lives

AUTHOR: K.S. Thomas
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
CONTENT WARNING: Adult language

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Love? Sure, I believe in it. I've even experienced it. Once. Harper Richards - the girl who got away. Or rather, the one I let go.

It should go without saying that it wasn't by choice. A guy like me, doesn't dare to dream of getting a girl like Harper even once, he sure as sh*t doesn't let her go on a whim. Nor does he ever think for a moment he'll get a second chance with her. Even if he wants one.

I want one. I NEED one.

And now...through some twisted turn of fate and a wedding I never should have been invited to...I just might get one.

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I need to turn around and walk out. It’s the right thing to do. I have no business being in here in the first place. But I can’t leave. So, I just stand here. My eyes traveling the four walls of her room. The mirror with the frame she spray painted a tacky hot pink and silver. The cork board still filled with pictures of her and her mom and handwritten notes of all of her favorite quotes. She’s added a few to her collection. I have a sick need to know what they are.

Listening for any sounds from the hall, I slowly move toward the cork board. I’m not going to touch anything. If papers overlap, that’s all there is to it. I’ll have to live with not knowing. Squinting, I lean in close. I read through four of them, recognizing three when something catches my eye.

“Holy shit.” My hand is hovering over the mess of papers and pins while I remind myself repeatedly not to touch. I don’t need to. I can see it just the way it is. The corner of a picture still peeking through the stack of note scraps she’s used to cover it. I know that picture. I’m in that picture.



“I wasn’t touching.” Because somehow that really makes a difference when you’re snooping around in your ex-girlfriend’s bedroom. Not touching.

“Relax. I’m not Meg and that hand isn’t hovering over Harper’s boob.” Gina comes up beside me. “Something hidden under there you’ve been looking for?” She nods at the tacked on papers covering the board in layers.

“I haven’t been looking for it.” I lower my hand. “I had no idea it was still here to be found.”

She hooks her arm around mine and starts to turn me around, leading me back toward the doorway and out of Harper’s room.

“I wouldn’t have brought you back here if it was gone for good, Cole.” She’s walking me back down the hall and I feel somewhat like a mental patient who wandered off and is carefully being escorted back to his padded cell, the way she’s using her calm mommy voice and taking oddly slow steps while we move. Then we turn into the music room and normal Gina is back. “But you can’t go all stalker on her ass two seconds after you show up here. Ease into that shit, Pickle. I can tell you without doubt, girls don’t appreciate people sifting through their most private of thoughts, especially not when those thoughts include ex-boyfriends they’re supposed to have forgotten about years ago.”



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Dog Lover who likes her pastries full of cream and sugar….oh…and I write some ;-)
Aside from being an author, I am also a mom to a beautiful 5 year old little girl. I tell everyone I named her after my great-grandmother (because that’s the mature answer), but really, I named her after my favorite princess – just so happens I got lucky and they had the same name…If I wasn’t a writer, I would work on a horse ranch – I’m an animal lover (in addition to dogs, horses are at the top of my list). I wear flip-flops pretty much everywhere I go. I would rather stay awake until 5 am than get up at 5 am (years of bar tending have left their mark), if I can, I’m going to the beach AND I will always be nice to people who bring me chocolate…or coffee…if you bring me both, I’ll probably love you forever.A gypsy at heart, I write the way I live, following the story wherever it may lead, always ready to start the next one. This is clearly reflected in my body of work which to date includes everything from Children’s Lit to Thrillers.

I happily reside in sunny Florida (for now) and always enjoy hearing from fellow readers!!

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