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Breaking China by N.J. Cole- Release Blitz

Release Blitz:
Breaking China
N.J Cole
Sept 7th

China Perry has one goal, and she will do anything to achieve it, including sell herself into human sex trafficking. She endures countless ruthless masters on her mission, undeterred by the pain and humiliation each of them causes. Determined to let nothing stop her, she’d turned her heart cold, never allowing herself to feel for any of these barbarians who had purchased her. That is, until she meets Master Richard.
Richard Pantero has been searching for something his entire life. Though he has money, servants, and women willing to do anything for him, his life is still empty. He’s lived the lifestyle and hasn’t thought twice about purchasing companionship. Each girl was different, yet the same until China entered his world like a comet changing everything he’d ever believed in.
In a love story for the ages, follow Richard and China on their journey. Can he find the peace he’s been searching for? Can she trust him enough to let down her walls and allow him to help her find what she craves the most? Is love enough?
Publisher’s note: This story is written in first person point of view similar to a screen play alternating between characters to give the authenticity of each character’s feelings. Warning: Intense bondage, aggressive sex, human trafficking.

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I'd been purchased. I knew what he expected. He expected me to beg and plead. The others girls were crying. Sobs like, "Please, Master, please don't hurt me," filled the room.
Some slaves were trying to strike bargains. "If I suck you off, then please don't fuck me." I rolled my eyes. Could they really be so stupid as to believe these men would make bargains? They owned the girls now, plain and simple.
I heard footsteps then saw him. He held the key to my crate as well as the keys to my cuffs. I bit back the urge to look up at him and spit in his face or spout "fuck you," both of which I would have done if not in shackles, if not at his mercy. Instead, I chose to say and do nothing.
I gazed into his eyes, and unlike the other Masters who had gotten pissed, he just smirked, and it made me think twice. He was handsome, and had he not just "purchased" me, I might have been attracted to him.
My eyes remained locked with hers; no words had been said, but the struggle had begun. I felt a surge of energy wash through me. Could she finally be the one? I continued staring her down; long moments passed before she averted her gaze.
Unshackling her arms, I knew the next round of her training would prove interesting. I had caught a subtle look of desire cross her features. Quick, but unmistakable. I slowly began to disrobe, allowing her to appraise my form as I had done hers. "Kitten, I offer you this chance to freely pay me homage."
He was different, I'd give him that. The others had choked me until I'd opened my mouth, inserted an O-ring gag and proceeded to fuck my face. He was asking me to do it voluntarily.
Pay him homage? Perhaps it would make my life less miserable. I leaned forward, not wanting to pay special attention to his cock, which, from the quick glance I'd given it, was magnificent.
I bent as low as possible and kissed his feet. One soft kiss to the top of each foot. If he thought I was going to speak to him, he was mistaken. I'd been beaten until I couldn't stand, but I was not going to acknowledge another human as my "master."
A faint frown covered my face, but my heart soared. Finally, a challenge; a pet whose devotion would have to be earned. Compassion would come in due time, now was time for the stick.
The proprietor offered me a crop, but I waved him off. I preferred my first chastisement to be flesh on flesh. My fingers stroking her hair, the silken strands wrapping around my hand. "Kitten, I see you don't have the proper respect. Right now, you are nothing more than an object to me. In time, this could change, but for now you’re less than nothing." My hand tightened as I lifted her to her feet by her hair.
Oh, here we go again, I thought. I braced myself for his fist to my face. His hand in my hair raising me to my feet then lifting me slightly off of them. My toes skimmed the ground. He seemed just the same as the other masters now. I looked into his eyes. I wouldn't let him beat me to death, though it did have a sense of peace in it. I had too much to live for. I glared at him.
He said I was nothing more than an object to him, and he was nothing more than an asshole to me. I wasn't just a fuckhole. I wouldn't let myself believe that. I would hold onto that little shred of self-respect that I had left.
As my fingers traced her cheek, I lowered my head to her neck, inhaling deeply. I could see her trembling flesh. My teeth scraping along her shoulder, I bit down on the nape of her neck holding her in place.
I released her hair, sliding my fingertips down her back. My nails dug into her flesh. Each of my pets had to bear my markings until they earned my collar. She began to squirm under me. The friction of her skin on mine was stimulating.
He wasn't like the others. They had reacted in anger, beating me to get out their frustration, or in the hopes of getting me to become a submissive slut. He held my gaze until he lowered his head to my neck. I thought he was going to kiss me, but he inhaled deeply then, to my surprise, ran his mouth over my neck to my shoulder. I was even more shocked when he bit down. I knew he'd broken the skin. I bit my own tongue to keep from crying out in pain.
His mouth stayed there as his hands ran down my back, scratching my skin. Again, I knew he was marking me, tearing my flesh. I writhed to get away from his strong hands. I refused to give him the satisfaction of me begging him to stop. I knew he wouldn't anyway. Why would I disgrace myself.
He pulled his head back and, I could see my blood on his lower lip. I glared at him.
I licked my lips; fury showed in her glare. Such anger was intoxicating; my loins stirred to life. If she were going to be so difficult, she would soon learn the consequences of her continued defiance.
I eased around her back, admiring the long scratches. Now all who looked at her would know she was mine. A crimson drop trickled down her arm. I knew she was in pain, but still she made no sound.
Well, if she wouldn't scream her submission, she would whimper it. I ran my palms over her swaying breasts, cupping them. My thumbs ran circles over her nipples. Her body betrayed her as they stiffened under my touch. The heel of my hand pressed against her belly as it moved down, my thick shaft rubbing along her inner thighs. I licked her ear. "You will give in to me, Kitten."

NJ Cole is a witty, mid-western girl with a kinky side. She works by day and writes by night, all while being a mother to her wonderful boys and serving her Sir. Unlike many of today’s authors, she chooses to write in first person, allowing the readers to experience life through the eyes of the unique characters that live in her head. Her love of those characters and respect for their stories come through loud and clear in her writing. With over two million reads of her online work in the past six months, NJ Cole is clearly an up and coming author.

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