Friday, October 9, 2015

Framed- a collection of 28 stories each written by #PYB Wordy Warriors to raise money for cancer research

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Framed is a book put together by Protect Your Breasts in order to raise money for Cancer Research, but rather than put the book on sale, it’s being given as a thank you gift for donations made through their Just Giving page

28 authors

Framed is a collection of twenty eight stories, one thousand words in length, each written by one of twenty eight writers, collectively known as the #PYB Wordy Warriors.

Beautiful girl travelling through the magical portal - fantasy tale  All the tales in this anthology are inspired by this picture. Every story is different, every writer’s way with words unique, but they stand united for the cause. Fear, love, pain and freedom; you’ll find it all in this book, on a heart-breaking and uplifting journey through beautiful prose. The team of Wordy Warriors and the team at #PYB want to say a huge thank you for all your support and we hope you enjoy this collection.

 You can get the full list of #PYB Wordy Warriors and more details about this project here

 How can you get your hands on this book and support this cause? In three easy steps
  • Make a donation through this Just Giving Page
  • Register the name you made the donation under and your email address through this form
  • Enjoy the words, support the cause and follow #PYB

  Protect Your Breasts is a non-profit campaign ran by Lisa Fulham and V to raise awareness for the importance of self examination for the signs of Breast Cancer.

 You can follow and support #PYB in the following places

 Together let’s make C stand for Clear, not Cancer Thank You for your support Lisa and V #PYB

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