Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Goodbye Hales & This Life by Melissa Townsend- Book Blitz

Titles: Goodbye Hales/This Life
Author: Melissa Townsend

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This Life – Released June 21, 2015
Growing up without a mom isn’t easy.

Moving across the country after a terrible senior year isn’t fun.

Finding a best friend in a new state makes things easier.

Giving someone the chance to break your heart is scary.

Starting to move on is a relief.

Being drug back down by your past is terrifying.

Loving and being loved is amazing.

Realizing that you wouldn’t change a thing is..unexplainable.

This life is the life for Bree Morgan. 

Goodbye Hales – Released Sept 13, 2015
Haley Golds was born and raised in LA. Her upbringing was far from the norm. After a traumatic night where she lost everything, she had no choice but to start over as Payton Scott. 
Gavin Sparks is a hardworking detective that has a soft spot for Haley. He knows that her life has been rougher than most and he can’t resist the urge to look after her. As much as he tries to keep her out of trouble, he might be the reason it keeps finding her.

From a rural community in southern Oklahoma, Melissa Townsend is a married dental assistant with one child; and on the surface, the picture of today’s ordinary working wife and mother from Smalltown, U.S.A.
As a busy mom, she initially found her escape in reading. It is just in the past few years that she’s found her passion and enjoyment of telling her own stories. Having never travelled or experienced much beyond the realm of country-living, Melissa finds herself taking journeys through an array of genres and different writing styles. Don’t let her quiet, small town, ordinary demeanor mislead you. Sit with her for very long and you will quickly discover her wit, dry sense of humor, and unique perception of the world around her. It’s these characteristics spieled out into her stories that define her writing style and will keep you wanting more.

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