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All of You by Christina Lee- Review

All of YouAll of You by Christina Lee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Avrey has had a rough family life, and in response has decided that she will take full control of her sex life and will only have no-strings-attached sex with men. Bennett has had a rough family life, and in response has decided that he will not have sex until he is in love. Avery has an instant attraction to Bennett, and decides she would really enjoy a night with him. He ends up moving into her building, and as they get to know each other it becomes clear that their intense chemistry and developing friendship is going to pose serious issues issues and questions for both of them.

This book had an interesting take on two people dealing with similar situations in different ways. It was also exciting to read a book where the typical gender roles of promiscuous person and virgin meet and challenge each other were reversed. It is always exciting when an author mixes things up in a way that helps us think about things in a different way.

I suspect it is impossible to read this book without falling a little bit in love with Bennett. In addition to being hot and creative, he is thoughtful and kind. He takes care of and responsibility for people even when they don't treat him well, and he is very loyal. I loved the building tension as he and Avrey both sought out and fought against their growing feelings for one another. Their chemistry was scorching, and the steamy stuff was fantastic.

I really enjoyed Avrey's character as well. I adored her relationship with Mrs. Jackson. It was really touching to see her getting some much needed support and guidance when she definitely didn't get the support she needed at home. The dedication and responsibility she had for her brother and his happiness and well being was admirable, and really helped me connect with her character. I enjoyed her friendship with Ella, but at times I felt like Rachel's character was a little too over-the-top.

The pacing of the story was good and there was just the right amount of build- up, tension, and angst as Avery and Bennett found their way through their own situations and relationship. Overall, I would highly recommend this book and would gladly read more by this author.

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