Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wait for You by J.Lynn- Review

Wait for You (Wait for You, #1)Wait for You by J. Lynn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Avery Morgansten has left her family and gone to college far away. She is doing it on her own dime, and is leaving behind a past that has been torturing her for the past 5 years. She feels like she should finally be free of everything that has been holding her back. When Avery meets hot and cocky Cameron Hamilton, she struggles to keep her secrets in place and her protective walls up. Parts of her past begin to pop up in her life now and she begins to realize that running away from her problems doesn't make them go away.

I really liked Avery, even though it was clear she had a whole lot to work through and wasn't always making choices that were helpful to her. She is smart and strong and it was wonderful to watch her develop new friendships, realize who she is and what she wants, and make her life her own. Her friends were a hoot! I love how they were snarky and a little crazy, but at the base of everything was a deep affection for one another.

Cam was just ridiculous. Ridiculously hot, and ridiculously perfect. He's got a touch of cockiness and arrogance, and has obviously been quite popular for most of his life. I loved that even with all that, he was kind to everyone, and didn't ever use that popularity to any negative end. His patience and care with Avery was so touching. Watching Cam's flirting and friendship slowly start to break down some of Avery's walls was a pretty great ride. There was definitely a slow burn going on, and it made everything that much hotter when they finally started moving forward in their relationship.

There were some pretty tough topics covered in here, and I think the author did a good job of covering some of the different emotions, angles, and ways that people can be hurt and hurt again by these things. Avery and Cam have amazing chemistry and they are completely charming together. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes the new adult genre with some emotionally charged aspects, and an exquisite build up of sexual tension between the main characters.

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