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Sold to the Hitman by Alexis Abbott- Release Blitz and Review


Release Blitz
Title: Sold to the Hitman
Author: Alexis Abbott
Release Date: March 11, 2016



  She wanted Prince Charming. Instead, she got an Assassin. When the Bratva needed my eyes that night, I had no idea they'd fall on her. Pure as a princess, dressed in skimpy lingerie, and being auctioned off to the foulest men in Brighton Beach. I'm not used to this white knight sh*t, but I did what I had to do. I outbid those pieces of trash, and pound two of them into the dirt for disrespecting her. But now I'm a hitman with the purest and most subservient bride I could imagine. She's terrified of me, and I'm simmering with rage at my brothers for selling her off. I'm going to right both those wrongs, though. I'm going to give her a better life, somehow. And then I'm going to make every one of those pimps pay in blood.  

My Review

Sold to the HitmanSold to the Hitman by Alexis Abbott
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cassie was raised by extremely strict religious parents who kept her from interacting with most of the world. When she turned 18, she was terrified to find herself wearing lingerie and being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Andrei, a hitman, was working security when he saw Cassie being auctioned off and decided that he had to save her from the horrible possibilities. He buys her and decides to treat her to the life she should have had and hopes that she will be able to accept him even though he kills people for a living.

Cassie is a naive, likable character who takes the events in her life surprisingly well. Her parents are essentially villains and after the way they raised her, the whole auction should have traumatized her a lot more than it seemed to. She completely lucks out that Andrei buys her and essentially gives her a fairy tale life, minus his killing people for money. Even that starts getting a little too positive as he starts killing only very bad men. Andrei is hot and kind despite his profession, so he is pretty easy to like. The chemistry between them is hot from the start and lucky for both of them, they are quite sexually compatible. For pretty scary subject matter, this story is surprisingly pleasant and easy to digest. Despite the improbability of many of the events, I was really hoping that both of these characters would find happiness in their lives.

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