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Sonja Taylor, Veterinarian, doesn’t believe in love. She’s seen on too many relationships fail, so she buries herself in animals. But when she finds a salt-and-pepper and coal black wolf, she finds she has bitten off more than she can chew. 

Hideki and Tobias have been loves for some time, but when they meet Sonja all bets are off. A Mate Challenge ensues between two men who love each other, but need her. Which one does she belong to? Or will it be better…if it’s both of them? 

Warning: This book contains a hot male couple that has a spunky woman butting into the mix, one that they just can’t resist. 

Excerpt: Accepting Their Claim by LeTeicha Newton
“We are not going to do this, Hideki. She gets the right to choose,” Tobias argued.
“I am not giving her up,” Hideki growled back, but Sonja was too shocked about everything that happened to listen to them anymore. She just forced her body to place one foot in front of the other. She had knocked out a woman, a shifter. She’d actually gotten in a fight with someone. Whatever Zora had been angry about, Sonja had survived an encounter with a woman who was not human. And all because of the two men bickering around her felt that she was one of their mates. When she woke up the morning before she was just Dr. Sonja Taylor with a full list of appointments. She had a quarter horse that was scheduled for her to check in on after having a colic bout, another who just had a colt. She had a conference she would be heading out to at the end of the week to speak about wolf migration and pack mentality. She was just a normal woman, a veterinarian, who handled wolves on four legs, not ones that walked on two, acted like humans, looked yummy enough to eat, and talked about mating.
And yet, her body was on fire. Watching Hideki move with graceful strides further into the house, she ignored the dark wooden paneling in the hallway. She ignored the sounds of people living behind closed doors. All she could see was the shape of Hideki’s ass in his jeans. God, the man was shaped like an Adonis. His back muscles moved and flexed with each step. He stopped before a door and opened it. His body rippled like a caged animal. Her mouth went dry, her nipples hardening. She lost her breath watching him. He walked in and waited for her to enter. She stepped past him, captured by his dark gaze as he watched her, still arguing with Tobias. But she didn’t hear a word he said. His mouth was a sensual feast, framing his words, the lilt of his accent rolling over her in waves. Tobias broke the contact by moving between them. She was lost, just like when she’d looked at Hideki. Tobias was so different, so rough and strong. His green gaze grabbed her as he went past her and she heard the closing of the door as if it was slammed. Her heart was in her throat, beating like a drum in her mind. He smiled at her, the crooked tilt of his lips making her already pounding heart summersault. What was she supposed to do? She was out of her depth with these men. She couldn’t decide which one touched her more. They both grabbed her attention with equal measure. She was supposed to give them a chance, and yet she couldn’t think about having them separately.
Like the dam was broken, fantasies she’d kept held back for so long flooded her body. In her mind she saw Hideki riding her ass, pushing her to heights, while she rode Tobias’s cock as he sucked her nipples. She screamed between them, riding their cocks, had them glistening from her juices, her pussy and ass gobbling them up. And then the vision switched as she moaned, Tobias sitting bellow her, pushing into her ass, as he gripped her knees and forced her to lean back so that Hideki could step up and push his thick cock into her pussy. She was between them, held so she couldn’t move, all she could do was take it. The pictures flipped through her mind with dizzying speed until she couldn’t tell what was real and what was fantasy. All she knew was that she wanted them, both of them. Nothing else quite mattered in that moment. She didn’t feel like herself. It felt like she was on fire, all she could see was Hideki and Tobias, arguing incessantly when she wanted more than they could ever imagine.
“Shut the hell up!” she finally yelled, needing them in a way she couldn’t say out loud, but knowing she needed.
“Stay out of this,” Hideki told her. Tobias and Hideki stared at each other until something changed. The very air altered.
“You know I can make you submit. We’ve been here so many times before,” Hideki growled. Tobias froze, everything stopping. With slow, deliberate movements, Hideki unbuttoned his jeans and slid the zipper down. He pushed them over his hips, baring his fiercely hard cock. It sprang from confinement glistening with precome. She swallowed, and was surprised to see Tobias’s sight locked on his cock as well.
“Strip,” Hideki commanded, looking at Tobias as he pulled out of his jeans and kicked them to the side. He palmed his cock, stroking it with long, leisure strokes. Sonja panted.
“No,” Tobias argued.
“Strip. I will not tell you again. You don’t, and I will do it for you.” Hideki moved to the side, crowding Sonja until she backpedaled. He kept his eyes on Tobias but pushed her until she fell on the bed. She scrambled back, so that she could see both of them. Tobias’s eyes were dilated, his breath coming quick. He gulped, never looking away from Hideki as his hand found the buttons of his jeans. He unbuttoned them slowly, something that made Hideki’s breath hitch. They were aroused, Sonja realized. This was the bond they had that she had picked up on before. This was what Hideki had hinted at when she called Tobias koibito. They had been here before. The realization made her lay back with a moan on the soft pillows. Suddenly the room was too small, she couldn’t breathe. Her body was overheating. She’d never felt desire like this before. They made a beautiful picture, the two of them, undressing. Tobias’s eyes glued to Hideki’s stroking hand, licking his lips when a bead appeared on the tip.
“To the bed,” Hideki ordered and Tobias went, for the first time looking at Sonja since Hideki had commanded him to strip. He froze, face twisting.
“No,” she whispered, too far gone not to see this. She had to witness them come together. “I know dominance for control. I’ve witnessed it. This isn’t what he’s doing. Hideki is doing what you want, what you need.” Sonja licked her lips, taking a leap she hadn’t even realized she was prepared to make.
“Give in. I won’t look at you different. Look at me. Look at what it does to me,” she whispered, gripping her heavy breasts and squirming on the bed. It was as if she wasn’t herself. As if she was living in a fantasy she had never told a soul about. Tobias shuddered, once more under Hideki’s spell. He leaned forward on the bed, his arms bunching as he positioned himself between Sonja’s legs. Hideki caressed his flank with a steady hand and leaned down and kissed the small of Tobias back. Tobias trembled against her legs, and she arched under him.

“Don’t worry, uruwashii, we won’t leave you out,” Hideki growled, and Tobias grabbed her pants.

Victoria Sutter is a young African American, marketing executive that has a solid knowledge of her career. Romance is another story as her ex-husband, Kemington Sutter, reappears in a drama filled stint of her life. Kemington Sutter is a wealthy heir who would rather enjoy the simple things in life like a great cooked dinner or watching an old movie. Only problem is, his life has no meaning without his Baby Girl. Will Victoria be able to successfully move on past her divorce, or will the memories of her past with the man who loved her unconditionally change her future? 

Warning: This book contains hot hero that the taste of his wife's curves, and stubborn wife who makes him dominate her whenever he gets the opportunity. This read will give you chills in places that you never knew you had.

Excerpt: Wronged Desires by Lillian MacKenzie Rhine
I sauntered barefoot through the halls to the master suite while memories of Kem and
I clouded my mind. We met in a freshman economics class on the first day of class. The
professor decided it was a wonderful idea to match the quiet, invisible black girl with the
popular, athletic white boy. At the time I was an academic scholar from meager beginnings,
raised by my grandmother, who was the only mother I knew. Since I was the valedictorian of
my high school graduating class in Houston, I was awarded my pick of top business schools
in and out of the country, but I chose to be an Aggie and stayed close to home. Kemington
Sutter, wealthy trust-fund heir, was the green-eyed, sandy-brown-haired, drop-dead gorgeous
tennis captain all the women—eligible or not—swooned over, especially when he took the
court in his white shorts and auburn shirt.
With cockiness bleeding from his pores, he approached me on the first day of class,
the green-eyed devil with only a few tattoos on his arms at that time. I resisted his charm
for months, but by the second semester we were dating and making passionate love every
evening like we were shooting for high marks on a statewide sex exam.
I remember the first time I took him home to meet my grandmother. He was dressed in
a suit and tie like he was meeting the Queen of England. She reamed him good the first few
visits, but it was an awe-inspiring experience to see him in the kitchen with her, cutting and
battering tomatoes while the two chatted, unaware that I was viewing the tender moment.
Next thing I knew, she took ill and Kem started footing the bill for her medical care, not
settling for anything less than the best medicines and specialists Texas could provide. Every
Sunday we would take the hour’s drive to have church service with her and dinner until she
passed away.
The day he proposed was something I would have never imagined. Kem knew I had
insecurities about us dating, mainly due to his parents being very vocal about me not being
a proper suitor for their son, a Sutter heir. I constantly received awful scowls from my peers
and hurtful, backhanded comments from his family. Kem had been grown to be an eligible,
elite bachelor for any of the prosperous Texas-bred debutants. His choice of a lower-middle-
class black girl with no familial background outside of her grandmother was unacceptable
by all. Those things alone were enough to give anyone doubts, but then the last tennis
tournament of the season in our senior year occurred. Of course I was present in the front
row of the bleachers, cheering Kem on. That season the team was undefeated, so it was no
surprise that they slaughtered the visitors in the final game.
As Kem approached the net to shake his opponent’s hand, the stadium lights were
glaring on his sweat-soaked shirt. Suddenly he was taking his cap off, shaking out his
wet cinnamon hair, and lifting his jersey off to reveal his muscular chest and bulging abs.
Screams erupted from all of the scandalous women who wanted to steal him away. As they
were celebrating the free show he was giving, tears started to form when I caught sight of
his purpose of putting himself on display. All the shouting started to die down when the
onlookers knew what I knew. In big, bold lettering, Kem had “Babygirl” inked permanently
over his left-side ribs. He shouted to the masses, “Victoria, you are now and will always
be my rib until my last breath. Will you do me the honor of being Mrs. Kemington Sutter?
Please marry me, Babygirl!” The crowd quieted. I was stunned and didn’t know what to do.
A man next to me cleared his throat and nudged me. I began to shake my head repeatedly.
Yes…yes,” I said finally. Applause started slowly. Kem moved across the sand and
lifted me over the railing. The minimal clapping began and grew in volume, then Kem

wrapped his arms around me and whispered, “Thank you for being mine,” into my ear.

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