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Naked by Megan Hart

NakedNaked by Megan Hart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I always forget how much I like Megan Hart's books until I'm reading one again. She is good at the hot stuff while not skimping on the shitty parts of life and relationships. I always find that pretty refreshing. I'm sure this could be read as a standalone, but I think it was much more interesting reading this after Tempted, and Everything Changes. I think part of what made this interesting was seeing Alex through Olivia's eyes in the context of their relationship after also being introduced to him through Anne's perspective in Tempted, and hearing some of his own voice in Everything Changes. I was waiting to see what he would and wouldn't reveal to Olivia. I think knowing what he went through in Tempted gave a lot more weight and understanding to some of the things he said to Olivia, that someone reading this book first would not quite have had in perspective.

I really enjoyed Olivia. I especially liked seeing her dig her way out of a toxic relationship/friendship that had been weighing her down for a long time, and affecting her negatively to the benefit of the other person. I liked her honesty and her personality in general. I liked that she and Alex could find their way back to each other after arguing or struggling through something.

It is really Alex that kept me reading this series though. I was really cheering him on and hoping that he would find something real and meaningful for himself. I'm not particularly a fan of Jamie (or James), and Anne is an okay character, but I didn't connect with her all the way in Tempted. I completely understand those old friends who you act like a different person with because of a long history and because you were someone different when you were close to them. That said, I thought it was a little ridiculous the way Alex and Jamie were acting when they got together this time. It seemed a little over the top.

We also get to spend a little time with Elle and Dan, and that just made me want to go back and re-read
Dirty- which I loved.

One last thing- I found it odd that the description of this book makes it seem like Olivia knows things that she really doesn't. I think part of the grit of this book is the reader of the series knowing information about Alex's past that Olivia doesn't yet know and we aren't sure how she is going to learn.

I'm glad I read this since it re-connected me with these characters, and introduced me to some new ones. It also re-instated my desire to go back and re-read some of this author's other work. I would read another in this series if the author writes one because I would like to see how Alex and Olivia move forward from here.

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