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Tangled by Emma Chase

Tangled (Tangled, #1)Tangled by Emma Chase
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think I read a little too much hype about this book before reading it myself and that may have set the bar a little too high. I did read right through it though, and really ended up liking pretty much everyone. I think my main problem was that sometimes I felt like I was a little too aware of the author and not immersed enough in the character (specifically Drew) to not even think about someone writing the book.

All in all- I loved Kate, I loved Alexandra, I loved Mackenzie, I loved Drew's friends, and I ended up loving Drew as well. Even though he was pretty much a spoiled brat- he still worked hard, and stood up for the right things at the right time. With a couple of glaring exceptions during his initial "competition" with Kate over work stuff, and the one big lie that bit him in the ass the hardest- he was really pretty straight forward and honest. I'm generally of the mind that I don't care what you do or what your "relationships" look like as long as there isn't deceit involved, and everyone consents. I love his relationship with Mackenzie. I also thought the chemistry between Drew and Kate was great- and just kept getting better.

I think humor is a tricky thing and one of my issues is that I kept hearing how hilarious this book was, and while I did find a lot of parts funny, and even smiled to myself a few times- I never quite got to that laughing out loud point. And I wanted to. I really did. I like a good dose of hilarity with my smut. I've gotten there with some of Alice Clayton's books, and there are parts of Seduction and Snacks that I can just think about long after reading that book and still totally start giggling. I never quite got all the way there in the cracking up department with this one.

Even with all the things I didn't quite love, I still find myself thinking about the characters and the story after I've finished it. That is generally a sign that the author did something right. I would read more in this series, and I'm hoping we get Delores and Matthew's story! I really enjoyed that gal too.

There is a great epilogue on Emma Chase's website from Kate's POV. http://www.emmachase.net

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