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Reaching Her by Elizabeth Lynx- Review Blitz

reaching her review blitz

Review Blitz


Book Title: Reaching Her 
Author: Elizabeth Lynx 
Genre: Erotic Romance (Novella) 
Release Date: September 2014 


Josephine Powell is an intelligent assistant professor of Psychology. She is a woman who knows what she wants: a man who can earn a grade "A" in the bedroom, but is smart enough to earn an "A" in romance as well. After last night with Pierce Carver she thinks she found her first-ever A-man, but will he be able to capture her heart in the daytime? Pierce Carver has, between hard work and brains, achieved everything he's set his eye on. A serial entrepreneur, now independently wealthy, his sexual prowess has always kept women from leaving after the deed was done, much to his chagrin. Until the night Josephine comes into his life, that is: the one woman he wanted to stay through the next morning! It’s the morning after the best sex of his life, when he wakes to find neither her nor her number, only an enigmatic note. Will he even be able to find her? If he does, will she even want a man who has no idea how to woo a woman?


 Suddenly Johnny Cash’s “I Walk the Line” starts playing and I reach into my purse to grab my phone, instantly knowing who is calling. I knew this ringtone would fit him perfectly. “Hello Pierce, I was wondering when you would call.” “Hello Josephine, I hope I am not interrupting you?” “No, I’m just eating ice cream with Luna as we discuss baseball.” I wink at Luna who is covering her mouth with her hand trying to suppress a laugh. “So you like baseball?” “It’s ok, I guess. I’m not really into sports. It’s just the topic that came up. How about you, do you like baseball?” “Yeah, I do. I’m not into sports as much as some men, but I hang out with the guys sometimes and we watch baseball, football and basketball. College basketball, not the NBA.” “Oh, good to know. We were also discussing your friend Corbin.” There is a sudden smack on my upper arm. I look up to see Luna glaring at me as she shakes her head, mouthing the word ‘no’ to me. “I guess you were talking about their date last night. I talked to him this morning and he mentioned he had a good time.” “That’s what I am getting from Luna. A good time was had by all.” “Well, that’s not why I called, to discuss their date or baseball or sports.” “You didn’t. Well, I never would have guessed that Pierce.” I give a smirk. “You know you’re smart ass mouth is having a unique reaction on me right now. It’s taking all my strength not to hunt you down, toss you over my lap and give you a spanking.” I close my eyes and try to suppress a moan. The muscles between my thighs pulsate to life and I am suddenly wishing I was in an air conditioned room and not baking under the hot sun. “I have to say Pierce if that is a threat it’s not working. In fact I think it’s having the opposite effect of what you intend.” “God Josephine, please stop talking like that.” He sounds breathy and the words are fading as I struggle to hear. “I’ll stop talking like that for now, but we will have to pick up this conversation later. Perhaps tonight, you call me and we can discuss this in further detail.” “Yes.” It was faint but I managed to make it out. “Good. I have to go now Pierce. My vanilla ice cream is melting all over my hand and I have to lick it off. Have a good day and I look forward to talking tonight.” I hang up the phone figuring I wouldn’t get much of a good bye from him. Luna is staring at me with her mouth wide open and her ice cream melting fast.


Meet the Author

  Elizabeth Lynx grew up in Maryland and lived an average life. In college she was a theater major, but she didn't think she was that good so she left the acting world behind once she graduated. She did keep up writing comedy sketches and eventually pursued Improv. That took her to Chicago where she was in the Second City Conservatory Program. But, to her husband’s chagrin, she gave up Improv. Now she is a writer, no longer the performer. She makes characters perform for her on the page. She and her husband and two little boys have moved back to the Washington DC area to be closer to family. Every day while her boys eat, sleep or play she writes.

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