Sunday, December 22, 2013

Embrace (Evolve #2) by S.E. Hall- Review!

Embrace (Evolve, #2)Embrace by S.E. Hall
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Evan Allen has had what should have been an amazing grand gesture completely alter his life. He finds himself alone with his life in total upheaval and ideas about what his future would look like completely altered. Some surprising people come into his life and offer friendship and support that he never expected. Evan struggles to figure out how he can get his life back together and move forward. Despite having to experience some serious emotional turmoil he comes to see that sometimes life can turn out in some pretty great ways you never saw coming.

This book picks up right where we are left at the end of Emerge, and we get more time with each of the characters we came to know. We get the most time with Evan who is trying hard to put together the pieces of a life he thought he had all figured out. Sometimes it is difficult to watch him struggle sand make choices that we know won't get him where he wants to be. Through it all though, he remains the loyal romantic stand-up guy we know him to be.

Laney has begun to thrive at her new school, with her new team, and her new group of fiends. Watching them all support one another above all else was great to see. Laney is trying to process and deal with some difficult information she has about her mother, and make decisions about what she needs to do. She finds support in Sawyer, who despite being the crass player of the bunch, continues to show nothing but genuine concern for and loyalty to his friends. Dane remains awesome in nearly every way, and even though he is carrying around some serious baggage, he finds that he needs to have more faith in those who care about him.

Slowly these characters are finding their way through the decisions that begin to shape their adult lives. I can't wait to continue the journey with them, and hopefully a certain single friend will fins himself some happiness of his own.

*a copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review

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