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A Love Story in Three Parts by Hannah Seevers- Virtual Book Tour with Review

A Love Story in Three Parts
By Hannah Seevers
Genre: Romance, Literary Fiction


Justine Holland is living quite a normal life (thank you very much). She's a successful artist, upper middle class, pregnant with baby number one, and twenty-seven. But her cozy life is turned on its head when her husband, Sean, finally realizes what everyone else already has- he's actually in love with his best college mate, Gabriel. Even though everyone says she's nuts, Justine decides that having the enigmatic Czech man around might not be such a bad idea. Who knows? All she does know is that losing either of them isn't an option. Break all the rules, shatter all the traditions. Will it be perfect? Or a perfect disaster...

My Review: 3.5 stars

Justine has a tough choice to make when her husband's relationship with his best friend can no longer remain platonic.  To complicate matters further, she is pregnant and the baby she is carrying is biologically her husband's now lover Gabriel's, as Sean is infertile.  She is confused, but is unwilling to have either of the men out of her life.  She decides to consider the choice that favors love, and not social convention even though it is likely to be a very tough path.

This story engaged me quickly, and held my interest throughout.  I enjoyed the evolution of the family that Justine, Sean, and Gabriel came to create.  The journey was tough, especially since even though they were able to talk through some pretty complicated relationship issues, there were certain topics that were still left undiscussed and therefore open to misunderstandings.  Justine is an easy character to connect to and the way she faces the challenges that come her way was admirable.  She really took the time to think about what was going on and didn't just react in a way that would leave all of them miserable.  The world is full of complex emotions and relationships, and people often struggle to reconcile those feelings with the limited social options they are offered.

There were times when I thought the pacing and time lapses in the story was a little confusing, but overall I really enjoyed spending time with these characters.  I would gladly read more by this author in the future.

*An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review

Author Bio:

An author who blurs lines and pushes envelopes. Hannah hails from Southeastern Indiana, but considers Austin, TX and South Korea home. When she's not saving the world, the author's strapping husband lives with her and their redheaded wondertwins. A Love Story in Three Parts is her first published novel.

Social Media:
Twitter: @hannahseevers
Facebook: https://www.facebook.c

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