Tuesday, December 30, 2014

An Unexpected Forever by Kaydee Mavericks- Release Blast


Three years ago I thought my world had completely fallen apart. 
I’ve been living day to day for my daughter, never really focusing on myself. 
The day that I walked into that room and saw Kali was the day my life changed. 
She completely tipped my world upside down and I’m just not sure if my heart can take it. 
She was unexpected and it scared the living daylights out of me. 

I thought I had gotten out. I was wrong. 
When he came for me i thought my life was over. I never considered him coming back would change my life forever. 
I never dreamed what he did to me would lead me towards a man who would cherish and love me for me. 
When you think your life is over and you don’t see a future, all you can 
do is live day by day, only to hope that one day the unexpected will come and make it all right. 

Hunter was my unexpected. 

Can Hunter and Kali push forward after their pasts have consumed them for so long? 
Or will the unexpected be too much for them to bare? 

Will they get their Unexpected Forever?


An Unexpected Forever

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