Monday, December 29, 2014

Wild Submission by Rosy Sloane- Release Day Event

wild submission release day

Release Day Event


Book Title: Wild Submission (Novella) 
Author: Roxy Sloane 
Genre: Romance 
Release Date: December 29, 2014 
Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions


I thought I could keep my secret hidden in darkness. Away from my ordinary life — contained and under control.

Then I met her.

She’s breaking down every wall I’ve built, tempting me to risk it all. I crave her submission like nothing else. But first, I need her trust.

Only then will she discover the pleasure of surrender. Only then will I know peace.

She will be mine.

Meet the Author

Romance junkie and mom. I have a dirty mind and I'm not afraid to use it.


"Cam?” Her voice snaps me back to reality. I look over, and have to hide a smile.

The poor girl is terrified.

“Let me guess,” I murmur, moving closer. “You’ve spent all day wondering what this arrangement will entail. That pretty little brain of yours has run riot, hasn’t it?”

Isabelle flushes again, but when I reach out to stroke her cheek, she relaxes, just a little.

“Maybe,” she admits.

I grin. “Did you think I would chain you up and paddle you? Lead you around with a collar on?”

Isabelle laughs nervously.

“Relax,” I tell her, feeling protective. “Tonight is about getting to know each other.”

I draw her closer and kiss her softly on the lips. She shivers and nuzzles into me, her body fitting perfectly against my side.

We’re wearing too many clothes.

“It’s been a long day,” I tell her, smiling. “We’re going to take a shower.”

I take her hand and lead her through the apartment, all the way to my master suite. I spared no expense with the decorating of this property, and my bathroom is a sanctuary now. Glossy black Italian marble tiles line the walls, and there’s a deep sunken Jacuzzi tub and walk-in shower with a long bench: for relaxing under the tumble of water…or for less relaxing activities.

I push a few buttons and hot water cascades from the rain shower spray heads mounted in the ceiling.

“Take off your clothes,” I tell her in a low order.

Isabelle slowly meets my eyes and peels off her T-shirt and jeans, revealing a matching lacy lingerie set.

God, she’s a masterpiece. High, full breasts and those long legs that are just begging to be wrapped around my waist as I shove her back against the wall. She holds my gaze as she runs her hands down her thighs, peeling off her lacy thong. This is better than Christmas. I could eat her up right now, she looks so good.

I strip off my clothes, erotic tension charging the air between us. My cock springs free, already hard, and I see Isabelle’s eyes widen in appreciation.

“Go ahead,” I say, gesturing to the steaming spray. “Ladies first.”

She twists her hair up and steps into the shower. The water hits her body, running in rivulets between her breasts and down over her thighs.

I could watch her forever, but there’s a more important plan tonight.

I join her and pull the door closed. Now we’re alone with nothing but the thrum of water and hot, wet skin.

I move closer.

Isabelle’s breath quickens. She wets her lips, and reaches toward me, but I grab her hands and pin them to her sides.

“No,” I say softly. “There’ll be plenty of time to touch me later. Believe me, I have plans for these hands. But now I want to discover your body. What you need, how your body feels. Tonight, it’s all about you.”

Isabelle goes still. I wonder if anyone’s shown this body the worship it deserves. If any man has even taken the time to explore every inch of her, touching and teasing her soft skin until she’s so aroused she can’t take it anymore.

Her asshole ex didn’t, that’s for sure. Men like him only take. They never give.

“Relax,” I order her. “Close your eyes, and just feel.”

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