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Gloria's Secret by Nelle L'Amour- Cover Reveal

Gloria's secret 3d

Title: Gloria's Secret: The Complete Series (Books 1-3)
Author: Nelle L'Amour
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: April 2015



Gloria Long is the beautiful, self-made CEO of Gloria's Secret, the world's largest retailer of lingerie. While her global emporium is famed for selling erotic fantasies, Gloria's emotional scars inhibit her own sexual desires. Her powerful defenses melt when she meets Jaime Zander, the devastatingly gorgeous advertising guru, who is determined to win not only her account but also her heart by awakening her sexuality. Both in the boardroom and bedroom.
A man who has never heard the word "no," Jaime takes his creativity to the limit to make Gloria fall apart and fall for him. But major obstacles stand in the way--Gloria's Secret's ruthless Chairman, who covets Gloria and is out to destroy Jaime, as well as his manipulative sexpot daughter, who wants both Gloria's job and her hot, new love. Complicating matters further, Gloria harbors a dark, horrific secret, that when exposed, will shatter both her empire and her life. Will she be able to have it all or will the walls come tumbling down?  


Suddenly, under the table, I felt something slide under my dress and snake up my thigh-high silk stocking past my garters to my crotch. Holy Fuck! It was his bare foot, and it was running circles over my mound. “Ah, Gloria, your pussy feels so hot and wet beneath those lace panties of yours.” He paused. “They are powder blue, right?” he asked with a roguish grin. “Yes,” I gasped. His foot was now rubbing hard against my clit. I was getting more feverish by the second as he pushed me toward the edge. My fingers clutched the corners of the white-linen covered table. “I think you should stop,” I said between clenched teeth. “There’s a difference between I think and I want. Do you want me to stop?” “Yes,” I said breathily. “Your mind says, ‘yes, but your pussy screams ‘no.’” Oh God! This man got me. He continued massaging my clit, adding vertical strokes up and down my soaking wet cleft. The pleasure and pressure were so intense I thought I would yelp. I dug my fingernails into the table and chewed my lip, trying hard not to scream. Jesus, how would I look if I broke loose? Jaime shot me a cocky, confident smile. I wanted to rip it off his face with my teeth. “Gloria, you want to lose control. Do it!” he commanded as he jammed his big toe into my pussy. I exploded. Ripples of ecstasy swept through me. I moaned under my breath. It took all my will power not to scream out. My heart was thumping a mile a minute, and my breathing was labored. His satisfied eyes bore into me. “Now, it’s time to move onto the steamy artichoke, another natural aphrodisiac.” Barely recovered from my mind-blowing orgasm, I eyed the thistle-leafed delicacy sitting in the middle of the table and jolted. Beneath the table, a hand clutched my calf. Fuck! My turn to play footsy? My rapid heartbeat accelerated as he sleekly maneuvered off my silver sandal and placed my foot on the hot mound between his legs. His steamy delicacy! The warmth of his swell beneath my sole intensified the throbbing between my inner thighs. On my next breath, he began rubbing my foot up and down his arousal. I could feel it harden and expand beneath my arch. He hissed. There was nothing I could do with him holding my foot prisoner but wait anxiously for him to come. Then suddenly, the movements ceased. My foot rested on his erection. The sole of my foot was burning. His glimmering eyes burned a hole in mine. “I’m not going to make you make me come. That would be too much for me here. Too embarrassing. I just want you to know what you do to me, my beautiful angel. Oh my God. He called me “angel.” His beautiful angel. My heart was melting like the candle on the table. How could one man, one word, do this to me? Still holding my foot on his cock, he peeled off an outer leaf of the large artichoke with his spare hand and dipped the tender edge into the side of melted butter. He raised, the leaf dripping with butter, to my lips. My breath hitched. “Suck!” he ordered. I clenched my teeth around the soft buttery artichoke meat and sucked it off the leaf. He discarded the remains onto his plate. With his thumb, he gently wiped off the little bit of butter that had fallen onto my lower lip. He inserted his butter-coated finger into his mouth and moaned. “Now, Gloria, you feed me a buttery leaf.” I peeled off a large outer leaf and repeated his action. “ Mmm. Perfection,” purred Jaime, rolling his tongue over his lush upper lip. We continued this back and forth consumption of the artichoke until we were down to the heart. “The heart is the very best part,” he proclaimed, his eyes now hooded. I simply nodded, my foot still resting upon his hard, hot length, I was in a trance. My head was spinning, and my blood was looping through my body like a rollercoaster. Hold on, Gloria! “Did you know that a woman’s heart is her real G-spot? You hit that and everything comes apart.” Trembling, I watched as he stabbed his fork into the fuzzy artichoke center. “Gloria. I want to win your account. Your cunt. And your heart.” My breath caught in my throat. I couldn’t say a word even if I knew what to say. “And I’m going to win each. One by one, starting with your account.” I impulsively withdrew my foot from his crotch. Business. It was time to talk business. That’s what this dinner was all about. I reinforced myself with a deep breath. “Mr. Zander, if you are planning on doing business with me —that is, if you indeed have the good fortune of winning the Gloria’s Secret account—then I suggest we keep our relationship purely professional.” He burst into laughter, totally unnerving me once again. “Come on, Gloria. Can you can actually sit here and say do don’t want me?” I was speechless. Flushed and speechless. “Doesn’t the thought of your pussy submitting to me anywhere make you wet with want?” Steeling myself, I said, “Go to hell, you arrogant egotistical asshole.” He laughed even harder and then looked straight into my eyes. “Gloria, I’ve wanted you from the moment I set my eyes on you.”

About The Author

Nelle L’Amour is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who lives in Los Angeles with her Prince Charming-ish husband, twin teenage princesses, and a bevy of royal pain-in-the-butt pets. A former executive in the entertainment and toy industries with a prestigious Humanitus Award to her credit, she gave up playing with Barbies a long time ago but still enjoys playing with toys with her husband. While she writes in her PJs, she loves to get dressed up and pretend she’s Hollywood royalty.
Her books include the highly rated Seduced by the Park Avenue Billionaire Boxed Set, Undying Love, Gloria’s Secret, Gloria’s Revenge and the That Man trilogy. Gloria’s Forever, a novella, will be published in Spring 2014.

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