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Playing With Fire by Paisley Walker- Release Blitz

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TITLE: Playing With Fire

AUTHOR: Paisley Walker

GENRE: Erotica

PUBLICATION: March 1, 2015


Playing with Fire Ebook


My name is Laken Thompson, and I have come up with an idea that is too good to surpass. Being a twenty five year old that just graduated college and has accrued an insane amount of debt it’s the best thing I can think of. I am auctioning off the most precious thing I have. My virginity. What I wasn’t planning on was the man that changed everything. Asher Braxton, the epitome of stunning. The man that has everything, except for me. I’ve run for months from the devilishly handsome man stalking me like some prey. Just when I thought I evaded his advances his voice is the one I hear to make a bid. On shaky legs I pray that someone will outbid him, but the thought in my head is… I’m playing with fire and this time I hope I don’t get burned.



“I asked if you’d like to get out of here. I live right around the corner.”
“Sure,” I knew this was coming, and while Evelyn was a beautiful woman, she wasn’t who I was really interested in. Seeing as whom I wanted to take home didn’t want to go home with me, I decide to take her up on her offer. I put two one hundred dollar bills down on the bar with my card before I stand to help Evelyn. I catch Laken’s eye as I tip my head in her direction. While Evelyn may not be who I wanted to bring home tonight, she is a beautiful blonde woman with one hell of a body. I would use it to my advantage.
Walking out of the bar with Evelyn on my arm, I can’t help but turn back for one more glance. Perhaps I am a masochist, because the look in that woman’s eyes behind the bar could knock me to my knees. I don’t care how unaffected she tries to look, because in those brown eyes I saw it—Desire. I walk Evelyn to her apartment above the city center, trying to be as polite as can be. Seeing her ass sway in that damn dress though is really tantalizing me. Once she sticks her key into that lock, it’s going to be on.
“Would you like some coffee?”
“No, I’d prefer something else,” I whisper into her neck as I kiss the back of it. She shivers and I know I have her in the palm of my hand.
“Like… your sweet little pussy on my tongue,” I growl into her ear before grabbing her key from her. I push my raging cock against her as I slide the metal into the lock. When she gasps in front of me, I hastily turn the lock before pushing the door open.
“Well, I’m sure we can make that happen,” she says as she turns to face me. My hands instantly grab her face, pulling her by her cheeks to my lips. I take from her mouth greedily, claiming every inch of it. She may not know it yet, but for tonight she is mine for the taking. She will be devoured and she will love every second of it. I close the door with my foot as my tongue battles with hers, the taste of sweet alcohol on her lips. She whimpers into my mouth and I know for sure she is mine for the taking.
“I am going to make you scream,” I breathe out as I pull away, searching her eyes for any clue that she doesn’t want me like I want her.
“Please,” she replies breathlessly against my lips. With that one word I pick her up, placing her on the nearest piece of furniture I can find, which is the couch. She laughs as I slowly slide my hands up her creamy thighs, reaching under her dress and pull the lace fabric down her legs. I can smell her arousal in the air as I slide her dress up to her hipbones, looking at her bare pussy.
I lick my lips as I see her juices shining in the dim light of the room. I put my lips together and blow softly on her quivering lips which makes her shiver. I let out a chuckle as I slide my hands up her thighs to hold her down onto the couch. I slide my tongue up the length or her slit, up to the little bud that is sticking out of her clit. “Fuck, you taste good.”
I am rewarded with a few mewls out of her mouth as my tongue starts to devour her. I slide my tongue up and down the wet sensitive folds of her pussy as I watch her digging her nails into the couch. I trail my eyes over her body as she slowly pulls the dress over her head, arching her back to remove the bra confining her perky tits. Reaching up with my hands, I cup her breasts, squeezing gently as my tongue penetrates her slit. I kneed her flesh with my fingers as I continue to assault her sweet tasting pussy. My eyes watching her as she comes undone underneath me. I love this feeling—the rush I get as a woman loses all inhibition and lets her emotions take control. It’s as if nothing matters but the pleasure they seek, and I love every fucking second.
Looking Evelyn in the eyes, I slowly slide my right hand down her slender stomach. I watch her face as my tongue finds her sensitive bud and my finger slides into her dripping channel. I watch as her hooded eyes open in surprise, and then retreat to closing again. I flick my tongue as my finger creates a friction inside of her, one that will have her coming undone for me in mere seconds. Her hands find their way into my hair just as she starts to orgasm all over my tongue. I lap at the juices as if I am a man starved, not knowing when his next meal will come.
“Asher,” she moans as her fingernails dig into my head, pulling me closer to her sweet juices. I don’t argue as my finger continues to stroke her sensitive flesh, my tongue lapping at all of the wetness seeping underneath my finger. After she loosens her grip on my head, I slowly rise to my feet. She gives me a lazy smile as she lies before me—a goddess sitting there in the light of the room. Leaning forward, she reaches for my belt. She untucks my shirt before pulling my belt away from my body. The hunger in her eyes is all I need to know. She wants this as badly as I want to give it to her.
Pulling my pants down, she stares as my hard cock comes into view. She gapes at me, I suppose in awe of my length. I just smile as I grab her blonde hair in my hands. I pull her open mouth down onto my girth and moan as her wet tongue slides over me. I can’t help but wish that it were Laken here with me. I shake the thought from my head; if she had wanted me, she’d have been the one here tonight. Evelyn was the woman who was lucky enough to share my pleasure tonight, and I would make damn sure she enjoyed every bit of it. I continue to thrust my hips into her face, shoving my cock down her throat. I look into her blue eyes and notice, for the first time, the hint of violet around her irises. Perhaps Evelyn can be more than a one-night stand for me. After all, she is fairly talented with her mouth. I feel my balls starting to tingle, so I pull my dick out of her mouth.
“Turn over, Evelyn,” I huskily add before I kick off my shoes and kick my feet out of my pants. She doesn’t object at all, but does as I ask. Turning her body around, she places her arms on the back of her couch. How she knows this is the position I want her in is not lost on me. “Stick your ass out a bit more, baby,” I hiss into her ear as I reach down into my wallet, grabbing a condom.
“You don’t need to use that, I’m on the pill… and I’m clean,” she hesitates a moment. In that moment I know she knows exactly who I am.
“I never not use one,” I retort as I slide the latex over my hard shaft.
“Your loss.”
“Indeed,” I grit out as I grab her hips. Slamming my dick into her, she jerks and lets out a loud yelp. She knew someone who I’d fucked before, and she was trying to trap me. I wasn’t an idiot. I didn’t make my fortune by being an idiot. I had learned to read people long before, and if she wanted to trap me so she could get something from me, I’d make sure she’d remember tonight. She’d beg for me to fuck her again, but like all the others, it wouldn’t happen. I pull my hand back and then bring it down to her ass. The smack that resides in the room is just another turn on for me, especially when it is accompanied by a surprised howl from the one receiving it. “Like that, Evelyn?”
“Don’t stop,” she moans out as my hips slam into her ass over and over. I watch as she reaches between her legs rubbing her clit, getting closer to orgasm. I debate on whether or not I should take my pleasure and keep her begging for her own, but I decide it isn’t worth it. I continue to thrust my hips into her backside as I feel the sensation in my balls. I pump harder, slamming into her as deeply as I can get. I feel her muscles start to tighten and relax, knowing she is fixing to be cumming at any moment. I pick up my pace, and just as I hear my name escape her lips, my release goes off into the shield of my condom.
I smile to myself as I see her head hit the couch cushion, her strength depleted from the escapade. “Feel good?”
“Very much so,” she says through a yawn. “Best sex ever.” Her eyelids start to fall as I reach for my pants, then they quickly shoot back open. “Where are you going?”
“Home.” “You aren’t going to stay the night?”
“I don’t stay the night,” I reply calmly.
“You stayed with Lana,” she slaps a hand over her face.
“I knew it,” I hiss out. “Lana lied to you. Be glad you got to orgasm. I wasn’t going to let you. Thanks for scratching my itch, Evelyn,” I growl out as I finish putting on my clothes.
“Asher, are you serious right now?”
“I am always serious.”
“I bet this has to do with that girl at Jasper’s. You kept eyeing her all night.”
“Evelyn, this has nothing to do with that girl. I don’t even know her, but I am sure she wouldn’t be whining like I child if she’d been able to fuck me,” I growl out. There is no reason for Laken to be brought into this all because she’s being a child about ruining the fact that she knows who I am.
“Whatever… Just go,” she mutters as she grabs the blanket on the back of her couch, covering herself.
“I planned on it. Nice meeting you, Evelyn,” I say with a cocky grin before grabbing my tie and walk to her door. “Come lock this door,” I say before I shut the door and make my way to the busy streets of Birmingham. 

About Author

Paisley Walker is from a small town outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She has been reading for years, and is a very avid reader. She loves loosing herself in a book, it's the best way to escape reality. She started writing because she wanted to offer people the same escapes she herself gets.

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